2021 ARCP Requirements Update

Foundation Doctors starting their F1 or F2 rotations from August 2020

Foundation Programme curriculum derogations are to be continued until September 2021 for trainees starting F1 or F2 posts in August 2020 or thereafter, in line with specialty training. Please be advised of the changes in the attached documents:

Oxford Foundation School have prepared the following checklists based on 2021 ARCP requirements, which panels will use as a guide when assessing trainees’ Horus portfolios:

Local Trust Delivery of ARCPs

We expect ARCPs to take place in from the start of June (month 10) as usual, delivered at Trust-level. Trainees should have their portfolios ready for assessment by 9am Tuesday 1st June. Specific assessment days are to be advised by Trusts.

Foundation Doctors starting their F1 or F2 rotations before August 2020

For Foundation Doctors who started their rotations prior to August 2020 (extenders, LTFT and out-of-sync doctors), the previous 2020 derogated requirements will still apply until April 2021:

If you have any queries please contact Foundation.TV@hee.nhs.uk or your Trust’s Medical Education Team.