Wellbeing Resource Hub

Trainee curated Wellbeing Resource Hub

The Wellbeing Resource Hub provides a wide range of resources to help you look after all your wellbeing needs, from after all your wellbeing needs, from physical, mental to career wellbeing. 

The website is regularly updated to include all the new initiaves in Thames Valley.


Being a doctor is inherently challenging and a space to reflect on our experiences is very important. ‘Trainees4trainees’ are trainee led peer support groups, designed by more senior trainees who wished we had similar support during our training. The sessions are for everyone, throughout training. In the groups we talk about general experiences in our jobs, and often through talking we all realise that we all feel the same way.

The groups are held regularly and facilitated to provide a safe environment for discussion. These sessions are currently held online.

Usually we try to allocate groups of similar trainees e.g. FY1s/ anaesthetists. If you are a trainee interested in joining, or an educator who would like to know more, please contact Aisling Higham or Sophie Behrman on trainees4trainees@gmail.com or aisling.higham@nhs.net