Workforce Transformation

Workforce Transformation

Workforce transformation is a key function of Health Education England; supporting the development of a workforce responsive to changes in healthcare now and in the future.

Thames Valley team contact details

Juliet Anderson
Associate Director, Workforce Transformation

Mobile: 07500 077992

Kathryn Tolfree
Workforce Transformation Lead

Advanced Clinical Practitioners; Advanced Critical Care Practitioners; Clinical Academic Careers; Learning Disabilities and Autism

Tel: 01865 932096

Rebecca Tyrrell
Allied Health Professions (AHP) Workforce Programme Director BOB ICS
Acting HEE AHP Workforce Lead, working across Thames Valley and the South East

Mobile: 07825 024416

Working days: Monday to Thursday

Dr Melanie Porter-Turner (PhD, MBA, BACP)
Workforce Transformation Lead

Primary and Community Care

Tel: 01865 932100

Working days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 7:30 am – 5:30 pm; Thursday: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Tessa Candy
Associate Workforce Transformation Lead

Cancer; Physician Associates; Nursing Associates; Apprenticeships; Frimley Integrated Care System

Tel: 01865 932048
Mobile: 07500 127222

Claire Wardle
Workforce Transformation Programme Manager

Talent for Care; Careers; point of contact for schools and colleges

Tel: 01865 932097

Charlotte Hammond
Workforce Transformation Project Manager

Projects relating to: Students, Nursing Associates, Physician Associates, Mental Health

Tel: 01865 932083

Tricia Hawkins
Business Support Administrator

Tel: 01865 932079

Harbans Mattu
Apprentice Business Support Administrator

Tel: 01865 932045

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