Coaching for Educators

Educator Coaching

This is an opportunity for Clinical and Educational Supervisors of doctors in postgraduate training to experience an in-depth coaching conversation to help you explore a real issue arising for you in your lives. This coaching session is a chance for a guided, supportive conversation where you may also be challenged to think differently and see alternate perspectives and ideas. The coach does not bring the answers, coaching fundamentally believes that the expert in your life is you and therefore, you are best placed to find a solution, or at least the right questions, when given the time and space.

You can self-refer for one 1 ½ hour session with one of our experienced coaches. There will be the opportunity to highlight any conflicts of interest as many of our coaches work in medicine and medical education. The session will be arranged between you and your allocated coach at a time to suit. You may have your own idea of what you need to discuss but some of the previous typical concerns have been negotiating job plans, planning for retirement, considering career changes, improving well-being, dealing with challenging work circumstances and developing as a leader.

Please note, this is not a training session on how to have a coaching conversation – if you are interested in this keep an eye on our Educator Learning Lunch sessions.

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Educator Learning Lunches

These workshops provide Clinical and Educational Supervisors with the opportunity to take on bitesize development of knowledge and skills related to working with others including doctors in training. Typical sessions include having coaching conversations, supporting your trainee in their revision, having difficult conversations. Workshops will have some whole group presentation to present new theories, models and ideas to add to your knowledge. However, these workshops will also have an interactive element, feedback tells us that there is much to be gained from discussion and interaction with other educators looking to develop similar skills so bring your own thoughts and experiences to the sessions as well.

Educator Learning Lunches Schedule