About Us

About Us

The Thames Valley Local Office (often referred to as the Oxford Deanery) coordinates the delivery and funding of postgraduate medical and dental education in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. 

We come under the umbrella of NHS England South East to support training and development for the multi professional NHS workforce in the Thames Valley region of England and look after around 2350 medical and dental trainees. 

Our vision is:

Quote / Testimonial:

“To ensure the delivery of effective workforce planning and excellent education and training to develop a highly capable, flexible and motivated workforce that delivers improvements in health for the population of Thames Valley.”

The local office is working to improve the quality of patient care by ensuring that we produce doctors and dentists who are educated, trained and motivated to play their part in a first class modern health service.

Being part of NHSE allows the local office to take advantage of economies of scale and reduce duplication of effort to ensure the most efficient use of budget. It also enables us to develop a range of broader regional initiatives to benefit both the quality of education, training and patient care across the Region.

The local office has retained its own identity and continues to have strong links with the University of Oxford, with which we have set up a Clinical Academic School.

It also has a well established and highly regarded Professional Support and Wellbeing Service, which looks after doctors in need of extra support.

Dr Paul Sadler, Postgraduate Dean