Annual Review of competency progression (ARCP)

The school of O&G holds two planned ARCP panels in each academic year. The panel consists of members from the faculty (see faculty page), lay representatives and deanery representatives.

Trainees are informed of their ARCP date several weeks before it is due. They are required to submit their form ‘R’ 2 weeks before this date.

The panel, on the day of ARCP, will review the trainee’s Educational supervisors report and eportfolio. The competencies required for each year of training is based on the RCOG training matrix relevant for the year. An outcome is issued for each trainee based on the evidence supplied. A satisfactory outcome is required for progress to the next year.

Resources for ARCP

RCOG training matrix –

ARCP checklist –    ST 1 (document)

                                                ST 2 (document)

                                                ST 3 (document)

                                            ST 4 (document)

                                                ST 5 (document)

                                                ST 6 (document)

                                                ST 7 (document)

                                                ATSM (document)

RCOG ES Report feedback form (document)

ARCP outcomes (document)

Appeals process (document)