Training Rotations

During the first year, trainees take part in a rotation which covers Ultrasound, CT, Gastrointestinal radiology and general radiology. A Part 1 FRCR course is provided and trainees are expected to pass the FRCR 1 examination in physics and anatomy during this year.

In Years 2 and 3 the rotation covers Trauma/Musculoskeletal radiology, GI radiology, Paediatric radiology, CT, Nuclear Medicine, Angiography / Intervention, Chest and Oncology and Uroradiology, Neuroradiology, MRI, Mammography. A Part 2 FRCR course is provided with the expectation of trainees acquiring the FRCR 2 A&B examinations at the start of year 4.

In Years 4/5 sub-specialty experience will be provided with a tailor-made rotation taking into account both the needs of the trainee and the training departments.

In some areas – eg neuroradiology and interventional radiology, competitive entry may be required for dedicated subspecialty training posts.

Although trainees are based in Oxford for the majority of their training, hospitals both in and out of Oxford form part of this rotation at every stage, as listed below.