Training Rotations

During the first year, trainees take part in a rotation which covers Ultrasound, CT, Gastrointestinal radiology and general radiology. A Part 1 FRCR course is provided and trainees are expected to pass the FRCR 1 examination in physics and anatomy during this year.

In Years 2 and 3 the rotation covers Trauma/Musculoskeletal radiology, GI radiology, Paediatric radiology, CT, Nuclear Medicine, Angiography / Intervention, Chest and Oncology and Uroradiology, Neuroradiology, MRI and Breast radiology. A Part 2 FRCR course is provided, with the expectation of trainees having completed both the FRCR Part 2A and 2B examinations early on in the ST4 year.

In Years 4 and 5, sub-specialty experience will be provided with a tailor-made rotation taking into account both the needs of the trainee and the training departments.

In some areas – eg neuroradiology and interventional radiology, competitive entry may be required for dedicated subspecialty training posts.

Hospitals both in and out of Oxford form part of the 5-year rotation at all stages of training. Trainees will be based in Oxford for a significant proportion of their training and will perform their on-call commitment in Oxford.

The hospitals on the training rotations are listed below: