School of Paediatrics

The School of Paediatrics oversees all aspects of training in General Paediatrics in the Oxford Deanery. The Oxford Deanery programme includes training in a range of Community and Acute Trusts. These provide varied and interesting training opportunities across the wide cross-section of the population that reside in the Thames Valley. The hospitals in the rotations can be seen below. The geographical area covers Oxford, Milton Keynes, Reading and Slough.

The Thames Valley Deanery offers specialist RCPCH training as well as “Grid Training” in:

– General Paediatrics

– Neonates (Grid)

– Community Paediatrics (Grid)

– Paediatric Haematology & Oncology (Grid)

– Paediatric Respiratory Medicine (Grid)

– Paediatric Neurology (Grid)

– Paediatric Gastrenterology (Grid)

– Academic Paediatrics

– Paediatric Endocrinology (Grid)

– Paediatric Emergency Medicine (Grid)

– Paediatric Neurodisability (Grid)

– Paediatic Infectious Diseases (in combination with clinical lectureship)

– In future Paediatric Rheumatology (Grid)

Academic Paediatrics – In Collaboration with the Oxford University Department of Paediatrics and the Oxford University Clinical Academic Graduate School (OUCAGS) there is a successful programme for those who wish to pursue a career in academic paediatrics. The Department of Paediatrics hosts internationally world renowned research programs in gastroenterology, haematology, HIV, immunology, neuroimaging and vaccinology; with work ranging from fundamental concepts to clinical application.


As trainees and trainers in the region we have recently implemented the use of an online platform, The Oxford School of Paediatrics Hub, or The Hub for short.

This is in an effort to reduce emails burden to trainees and trainers, and provides the opportunity for individuals to select their areas of interest, and collaborate with trainees and trainers across the region in real time. This is an evidenced based Kanban work flow model, with an evidence base to improve efficiency and productivity of its user group. We believe we are the inaugural group using this specific model for medical education, and training; and are particularly proud that this is the result of another trainee led project?