Policies and Guidance

Gold Guide (A Reference Guide for Postgraduate Foundation and Specialty Training in the UK

(8th Edition effective from March 2020)

The Gold Guide is the framework for the operational management of postgraduate foundation and specialty training. It applies to all doctors in core and specialty training (including public health non-medical trainees) and to all foundation doctors across the UK.

Relocation and excess travel

For those relocating to train within the Thames Valley area financial support is available. Please read the guidance and direct any queries to recruitment.tv@hee.nhs.uk

GP trainees only – please contact your Lead Employer (St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust)


Initial Claim Form (REM1)

Additional Claim Form (REM2)

This policy will be replaced by a national policy in the next few months (end 2020 / early 2021).

National Policy Statement

Health Education England (HEE) is responsible for providing you with assistance for relocation expenses, including removal or excess mileage.  Such claims are administered by your employer.  Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, HEE intended to introduce a new, national framework across England for all trainees commencing training programmes from 5 August 2020.  The purpose of the national framework is to ensure equality of treatment for all across the HEE regions.   At the request of the BMA, it has been agreed that this will not be implemented in August as sufficient consultation has not been able to take place given other priorities.   The framework is expected to be published later in the year following the completion of consultation with the BMA Junior Doctors Committee (JDC).  Once published, it will replace existing local guidance or arrangements in place for all doctors, dentists and public health trainees who commenced accredited HEE training programmes trainees in August 2020.  By accepting a place on the training programme, you agree that your entitlement to reclaim expenses and removal costs will be subject to the new framework once it is introduced.

Enhancing Junior Doctors’ Working Lives

The Enhancing Junior Doctors’ Working Lives programme was established in March 2016, to address a range of issues that were having a significant negative impact on the quality of life of doctors in training. Find out more here.

Whistleblowing – Third party right for Junior Doctors

In 2016 Health Education England extended whistleblowing protection for junior doctors, providing a new legal route directly against HEE, if required, for trainees who raise concerns and believe that HEE has caused detriment to them as a consequence.  More information can be found here

NHS People Plan

The NHS People Plan sets out the actions that HEE and NHS England and NHS Improvement will take, over the remainder of 2020/21, to support transformation across the whole NHS with a focus on workforce growth and changing the culture of the NHS and support the government commitment to expand our primary care workforce, including GPs and nurses.  

The plan supports the government commitment to value our people – everyone, of every background, in every part of our health and care system, has a contribution to make, and everyone needs to be supported to do their best possible work and make the NHS the best place to work.   

How HEE handles your data

HEE’s role is to improve the quality of healthcare for the people and patients of England through education, training and lifelong development of staff and appropriate planning of the workforce required to deliver healthcare services in England.

To carry out this role we are required to collect, process and in some cases share your personal data.

In connection with training, HEE collects and uses your personal information for the following purposes

To manage your training and programme

To quality assure training programmes and ensure that standards are maintained

To identify workforce planning targets

To maintain patient safety through the management of performance concerns

To comply with legal and regulatory responsibilities including revalidation

To contact you about training opportunities, events, surveys and information that may be of interest to you

For full details of how your data is handled including your rights please see the HEE Privacy notice