Performers List Validation by Experience

In England, all NHS Primary Care dentists must be included on the National Performers List. NHS England is responsible for managing entry to performers lists. This work is managed by the Area Teams of NHS England. To join the Performers List, a dentist must either have completed Foundation Training, be undertaking Foundation Training or be exempt. A dental practitioner is exempt from the requirement to undertake Foundation Training if: they are registered as a dental practitioner by virtue of section 15(1)(b) of the Dentists Act 1984 (registration of nationals of member States who hold the appropriate European diplomas)(e) or is in any other way a person in respect of whom a Member State is prohibited by Community law from imposing such a requirement; experienced in primary case as a dental practitioner for a total of at least two years full-time or an equivalent period part-time in community dental services or in the armed forces, or is judged, through an assessment by a postgraduate dental dean to have knowledge and experience equivalent to that of a dental practitioner who has satisfactorily completed foundation training.

For information please visit the NHS National Performers List website.

If you are considering applying to join the National Performers List you are advised to contact NHS England and Improvement Local Area Team South East (Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Thames Valley, and Wessex).

Entry to the Programme

Dentists who do not have a Dental Foundation Training (DFT) or Vocational Training (VT) Number/Certificate and are not exempt from the requirement to undertake dental foundation training will need to be assessed and complete the Performer List Verification by Experience (PLVE) Programme. At the end of the programme the dentist will be required to provide the Postgraduate Dental Dean (PGDD) with a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate that they have achieved all required competences. Depending on your experience and knowledge of NHS practice you may either need to just complete a portfolio, or also undergo a period of supervised training.

PLVE applicants are responsible for finding a practice and a dentist who is prepared to act as a Validation Supervisor (VS) and offer you a position within their practice. The Dean will need to approve both the trainer and the practice.

The regulations that cover the national performers list are: The National Health Service (Performers Lists) (England) Regulations 2013. Statutory instrument 2013 No. 335

Important Notice:

Applications to the PLVE programme in England from dentists who have not worked clinically for at least three months in the previous two years across their whole scope of practice are currently paused whist we review the process in the interests of patient safety. 

Latest news regarding the PLVE Programme and the PLVE Guidance can be found at the COPDEND website.

General queries regarding the PLVE Programme at Thames Valley and Wessex should be sent to

Subject of the message should read: PLVE