Simulation and Ultrasound training

Simulation training programme

Simulation training, for both obstetrics and gynaecology, is deeply embedded in our training programme. Trainees successfully use simulation training  to achieve basic competencies and beyond.

Obstetrics simulation

Coordinator – Miss Ruth Houlden

Trainees attend a whole day of obstetrics simulation once a year during their ST1-ST5 years. The school has a licence to deliver the ROBUST course and is mandatory in ST3.

Obstetric simulation resources

Gynaecology simulation

Coordinator – Mr Kirana Arambage

The school has invested in laparoscopic simulation boxes which are made available to trainees at each base hospital. The gynaecology sim lead runs yearly workshops for trainees. These workshops are hands on and facilitated by gynaecology laparoscopic surgeons from our 5 base hospitals.

Gynaecology simulation resources

Ultrasound training programme

Coordinator – Miss Mustabshera Fayyaz

We ensure our trainees have access to high quality ultrasound training throughout their programme. We have invested in a state of the art ultrasound simulator situated at Stoke Mandeville hospital in Aylesbury that is available for trainees to use. The school runs regular workshops and hands on sessions to facilitate learning. Training takes place within each trust to ensure that the basic USS modules are completed by the end of ST3. The USS training programme director oversees the quality and delivery of the USS training programme. Intermediate ultrasound training is available in Obstetrics or gynaecology at certain trusts upon discussion with the USS training programme director.

Ultrasound simulator Step by Step Guide

Regional Ultrasound Training Guidelines

Ultrasound Simulator at Bucks