Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Specialty Training

We offer an exciting programme which offers a solid grounding in child and adolescent psychiatry as well as opportunities for specialist training and academic research. We have posts in two health care trusts (Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust) and can accommodate eight whole time equivalent trainees or a combination of full and LTFT trainees.

Trainees will have experience in community CAMHS posts, an adolescent inpatient unit and possible other specialties depending on their interests (neuropsychiatry, eating disorders, liaison). All trainees have posts in at least two trusts to ensure experience of different management structures.

Trainees, with support, run their own academic programme on a Tuesday afternoon, have weekly supervision with a psychodynamic psychotherapist as well as weekly supervision with their supervisor. There is the possibility of experience in family therapy clinics, cognitive behavioural therapy, group therapy and dialectical behavioural therapy. Prof Alan Stein supports and facilitates research opportunities within the university and a number of trainees do further research. There is access to the university department seminars and lectures. For those who complete their research requirements and wish to concentrate on other specialist interests we are keen to enable this. In the past trainees have had special interest sessions in learning disabilities, early years, forensic child and adolescent psychiatry and liaison.

We support and facilitate trainees who wish to train flexibly and those who wish to take time out of programme for research. This is a small and very popular programme. Our small size enables us to know all our trainees well and support them, we are also lucky to be able to offer a wide range of diverse opportunities.

Training Sites Child and Adolescent Psychiatry:

Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust (for Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire posts)

Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

·       DME – Gerti Stegen –
·       Training Programme Director – Emma Fergusson –

Main hospital sites:

·       Highfield Adolescent Unit, Warneford Hospital 
·       Community posts in Abingdon, Oxford and Aylesbury

Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (for Berkshire posts).

Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

·       DME – Garyfallia Fountoulaki –
·       Training Programme Director – Emma Fergusson –

 Main hospital sites:

·       Berkshire Adolescent Unit, Wokingham Community Hospital, Wokingham
·       Community posts in Reading

What our recent trainees are saying about the programme?

Joe Clacey ST5

“I am Joe Clacey, an ST5 in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. I studied medicine at Oxford University, completing my Foundation and Core Psychiatry training in Oxford, before gaining my specialty training number.

HEE TV is an excellent place to train as a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist. It is a small but varied scheme, with a close and very supportive group of trainees and a great sense of camaraderie. The TPD is caring and organised, and knows both the trainees and the placements inside out, and is always looking to improve the training experience.

I have particularly been supported to gain experience in teaching and management. I have been appointed as Honorary Teaching Fellow for the Oxford Postgraduate Psychiatry Course (OPPC), the teaching course for core trainees, involving weekly small group teaching and significant input into course design. I have also had the opportunity to participate in the Trainee Leadership Board, a novel leadership development project involving 10 medical Trainees from within the trust I am working in. This has involved attending trust board meetings, meeting an assigned board mentor and working on a task which was presented to the whole board.”

Kate Stein ST6

“Having trained previously in London, I have enjoyed the small, supportive environment of the Oxford Child Psychiatry training scheme. The scheme tries to tailor people’s jobs to their interests, and there is a flexible approach. My research interests have been encouraged and I have been able to undertake an academic clinical fellowship (ACF) which has given my protected research time, and run alongside my clinical training. I’ve learnt research skills from experts in the field, and the ACF has opened up numerous opportunities, including working and travelling in the USA and Africa.”

Sabeen Khan ST5

“I am an ST5 returning from maternity leave and transferred (due to family reasons) to HEE Thames Valley. I was fully supported around working flexibly which has enabled me to have a work life balance which means I can train and look after my family needs. I met with my supervisor before commencing and was impressed by the way that I was given options to fit in with my particular difficulties. I feel very lucky to be in this area because the training is excellent and the advice and guidance is an on-going process. I feel supported at all times which enables me to train with confidence.”