GDC Registration and Continuing Professional Development

Once qualified, you are required to keep your skills and knowledge up to date through a programme of continuous professional development.

What is Continuing Professional Development (CPD)?

Continuing Professional Development is simply a method of ensuring that you achieve the right training to do your job and maintain/enhance your expertise.  It embraces everything that you do to improve your job performance and your ‘lifelong employability’. ‘Failure to comply with the CPD hours will result in your facing removal from the register. This means you will not be able to work as a DCP anywhere in the UK’

Health Education Thames Valley & Wessex Dental School run a comprehensive Continuing Professional Development programme for dental teams suitable for all members of the dental team.

To view courses and book online, visit the Dental School’s course booking system: .

Courses are available in Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester, Reading. Slough, Oxford, and Milton Keynes