Return to Dental Therapy Scheme – Commencing JANUARY 2025

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Reskill and be prepared for changes in the NHS for Dental Therapists

The Scheme

The Dental Therapists Return to Work Scheme has been set up and designed to equip Dental Therapy graduates to be refreshed with the necessary training and education to gain the skills required to return to working successfully in a general dental practice environment.

From the end of November 2022, there were exciting new developments in NHS dentistry that allow dental therapists to carry out direct access in general dental practice within the NHS. Ensure you are ready to practice by increasing your skills with a Return to Therapy course. This course will run two days a week for a period of 6 months. You will be paid on an NHS Agenda for Change, band 6 salary, pro rata 2 days a week. You will be placed in one of our training practices, with an experienced dentist educational supervisor who will offer support and guidance. You will have the opportunity to carry out the full scope of practice of a dental therapist and will have the support of a training programme mentor who is a dental therapist.

Under the leadership of the Training Programme Lead for Dental Foundation Therapy, the scheme is primarily aimed at qualified Therapists who have not practiced for an extended period and meet the following criteria:

  • Graduated in the UK as dual-qualified hygienist and therapist
  • Unsuccessful in securing positions which have allowed DTs to implement and consolidate their restorative and therapist skills
  • Working solely as a hygienist

1) Skills Consolidation
2) Build Confidence
3) Improve employability prospects

1) Completion of an ePortfolio
2) Communication with a mentor
3) Direct Observation of Procedures (DOP)
4) A Dental Evaluation of Performance Tool (ADEPT)
5) Case Based Discussions (CBD)

The scheme includes 11 study days, of which 6 will be hands-on Skills Lab Days covering basic restorations, cavity design, materials, rubber dam, local anaesthetic, Pulpotomy and SSC’s. Lecture days to cover dental materials, radiography, photography, treatment planning, oral medicine and more.
Educational days will take place at venues across Thames Valley & Wessex including Slough (Wexham Park Hospital), Milton Keynes (Milton Keynes University Hospital) and Oxford (Chancellor Court).

Consolidation of Skills

At least 26 days in Dental Practice with a dentist educational supervisor. This will allow you to have lots of practical help and to consolidate your learning.

The scheme will run from January 2023 to end of April or end of June 2023.

Application Process

If you would like to be considered for this or future schemes, please follow the link below.

Return to Therapy Information Guide This guide is for information only. ALL DATES ARE PROVISIONAL

Trainee Experience

Gillian participated in the first pilot scheme run by HEE Thames Valley & Wessex. This article describes her experience of the Scheme. It went on to be published in Dental Therapy Update Summer 2019 Volume 12 Number 2

Article written by Gillian Daulby

For further information and to find out about future schemes contact:

Sue O’Sullivan Education Programme Officer:

Kira Stearns Dental Therapy Foundation Training Programme Lead:

Telephone: 01865 932065