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GP Trainers and Educator Courses
Training Approval Forms


Needs to be submitted to at least two weeks before the visit Please Note that Training Practice approval in the old format/version will no longer be accepted


Needs to be submitted to at least 6-8 weeks before approval expire date


Needs to be submitted with TA1 to at least two weeks before the visit

TA4-PD Question

GP admin will ask the PDs to fill out the form ahead of the visit

TA5-GP Training Practice Visit FEEDBACK

For completion after the visit



Prospective trainers need to fill out the form and send it to their local PDs for approval, who then will send it to GP admin to prompt the approval visit


The criteria that all Prospective Trainers need to fulfil to become trainers and for Existing Trainers to be assessed at Re-approval.

GP School Multi Professional Faculty Day

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Upcoming Faculty Day- Dates and booking information