Active Bystander Training: a 75 minute Active Bystander training session – which aims to help us to challenge poor behaviours which may have become normalised over time. The session includes self-coaching techniques to help you keep a cool head when you’re faced with a challenging situation – and assertive language devices which you can use to make sure your voice is heard if you want to raise a concern. Date for 2024 TBC

Bridging the Attainment Gap: A one-day workshop for Educators working to support International Medical Graduates in GP training. Dates TBC

Clinical Supervisor for GP trainees Course: a two day course, for non-training GPs with two or more years of experience post CCT, in a training or non-training practice and for those who would like to work with GP trainees but without taking on longer term mentoring and ST3 development in the Thames Valley Region. DATES for 2024 TBC

Coaching skills: Aimed at GP Trainers, new or experienced, these case-based workshops will draw on and demonstrate coaching skills in a highly supportive and safe small group environment. Dates and Registration HERE

Combined Supervisor Course: The Combined Supervisor Course (CSC) combines elements of the old ‘Training for non – Trainers’ course, OOH new / refresher courses and the Foundation Supervisors Course. The core part of the CSC course combines the overlapping elements of supervision in the morning then depending your streams you will attend an afternoon session: • New Foundation (Clinical) Supervisors. • GP’s working in training practices who wish to develop greater expertise in the supervision of GP and Foundation trainees. • OOH Supervisors. Registration HERE

Educational supervisors’ course for prospective GP Trainers: Replacing the old academic PGCert course for new Trainers, this course prepares the attendee to be a Trainer and educational supervisor for GP trainees in practice. Is a 5-day course, it runs twice a year, and we only take 16 people. Please read the essential criteria to become a trainer in the FAQs section – I am interested in becoming a trainer what do I do next?. If you qualify, please contact GP Admin for the course dates and registration. Please do not take attendance at the course as guaranteed unless you have had clear confirmation from the GP Admin office

FACULTY DAY: SAVE THE DATE FOR 15 October F2F 2024. Registration closer to the time.

Nuts and Bolts: For prospective and current GP educational, clinical and foundation supervisors. A hands-on practical sessions on best practice and simple guides for WPBA and the portfolio. Includes instruction, bench marking exercises, Q&A, small group work and expert feedback. Flexible to the needs of the group and often includes changes proposed, updates etc. as requested by attendees. For Dates and Registration Here

Physician Heal Thyself workshop: This programme is aimed at doctors wishing to develop their skills for recognising and managing their stress. This is a practical course with a coaching approach. We aim to equip you with those skills and strategies to help you identify and address symptoms of stress in your life. For Dates and RegistrationHere

Programme Directors’ Advanced Course: This course is aimed at Programme Directors of GP Training Schemes with at least one year’s experience in the post. It is advertised across the UK and attended by PDs usually from England and Wales. The focus is to share experiences, new ideas and techniques and keep up to date with the latest developments in GP Training, regulation and assessments. 2 days residential ££. Dates for 2025 end of the year.

SCA SOX Educator Day: For TPDs, ADs, and Enhanced ES only. This session will support you to become an SCA SOX Educator. The session will cover the SCA SOX programme, the resources you need together to conduct a tutorial together with an opportunity to calibrate a consultation with peers. Dates for 2024 TBC

Supporting your trainees preparing for AKT: A workshop to explore the important role of trainers for trainees studying for their AKT, looking at supporting trainees in how they learn and supporting them in what they learn. Registration HERE

Supporting International Medical Graduate Trainees in GP Post: This workshop will be a practical, interactive session to discuss how you can best support your international medical graduate trainees in post. There will be opportunity to share ideas, ask questions and learn from each other. Dates for 2025 TBC

Supporting Trainees with Dyslexia: Trainees with Dyslexia or similar difficulties can face specific challenges in the workplace and in training. This session will look at understanding what dyslexia is, how the Working Memory functions and how this might impact on the type of support that you may offer a trainee diagnosed with dyslexia. Dates for 2025 TBC

The Experienced trainers’ course: For current GP Trainers. Designed to provide trainers with an inspiring and revitalizing 3 days, aiming to deepen educational skills. The course is relaxed and mainly experiential, with the opportunity to practise and hone teaching, feedback, and coaching skills; in small groups and pairs, and with role players (real registrars- well trained). There will be maximum 20 attendees. 3 days residential ££. Registration Closed -Course Full.

Teaching Consultation Skills Course for Educators: This Programme is aimed at educators who wish to develop their skills for the purpose of teaching consultation skills. This is a practical course and there will be opportunity to work in small groups to develop and practice new skills. 2 days residential course ££. Dates TBC

Tutorial Skills for GP Trainers: Aimed for all levels of experience, this will be a fun day combining some learning theory and practical tutorial planning discussions, with interactive group work and a chance to receive feedback on short videos. Dates for 2024 TBC

AKT Workshop for October 2024 Sitting: This two-hour workshop is for those planning on sitting AKT in April 2024. It will cover strategies for revision and exam to help you plan effectively in the run up to your AKT exam. It is a virtual workshop involving some whole group and some small group work so please make sure you log on with microphone and video working. 23 July Registration coming soon

New to England course: This event is for doctors who are new to the UK in the last few years. This day is an opportunity to explore elements of traditional Englishness, to reflect on the impact of the class system, English humour and other cultural aspects that influence behaviours and interactions. With lots of space to share your own experiences this is a chance to develop cultural awareness and explore ‘The English – what on Earth are they talking about?!’. Dates for 2025 TBC


ST1 INDUCTION: We are delighted to welcome the new ST1 GP trainees to NHS England and congratulations on your success in being allocated to your GP Specialty Training Programme in Thames Valley. You are invited to our mandatory SAVE THE DATE: Tuesday 3 September 2024. Registration will open in August 2024

Consultation skills day for ST1: This is an introduction to GP consulting with feedback to help you develop effective consulting skills in primary care. The facilitators are experienced educators, and our aim is to support you in developing useful frameworks and tools for your consultations. This is best suited to ST1s who are already in a primary care placement. Dates for 2025 TBC

Eportfolio workshop: eportfolio support workshop for ST1s. Dates for 2025 TBC

New to the NHS: For doctors who are NEW to the NHS. This is targeted at doctors who have worked in the NHS for less than 2 years, however if you would like to attend you are very welcome. This session will share information with you and provide an opportunity for you to ask questions. Dates for 2024 TBC


Thriving in GP practice: A one-day programme for International Medical Graduates in GP training. This interactive programme focusses on interpersonal skills for effective working in GP practice. We’ll be taking a closer look at communication, and the impact of context and individual perspectives, with the focus on the consultation conversation. Dates 2025 TBC

British English language and cultural identity: This event is open to all trainees; however, it may be of particular interest to those who have a primary medical qualification from outside of the UK, or if English is one of your range of languages. The aim is to explore nuances of British English and how this knowledge may help you in your GP consultations. DATES for 2025 TBC


Culture and communications: This session will explore culture and different styles of communication. This will be an opportunity for you to reflect on your own, natural style of communication, consider how this differs from others and reflect on how differences can lead to conflict, whilst similarities might lead to collusion. Dates for 2025 TBC

FOR ST2/3s

Additional AKT Workshops: In addition to the regular AKT workshops before the AKT exams, we are offering monthly AKT preparation workshops throughout the year. This is an opportunity to work through example questions in facilitated groups. To reflect on the strategies involved in reading the question, extracting the right patterns of information from the question stem. Then the process of narrowing down and selecting the final answer. For Dates and Registration Here

Practice management day for AKT: The workshop will cover the main aspects of practice admin with a focus on your AKT exam and real world’ issues that you need to know as a GP such as finances and employment law. These topics will form 10% of the AKT marks, so this should be a high yield revision session for you. Registration Here

SCA Course: The course is suitable for any ST2 or ST3 trainees planning to take the Simulated Consultation Assessment between November 2023 and June 2024 Ensure you are prepared for the SCA exam by attending this course. Dates for 2024 TBC

Statistics for AKT: The AKT exam devotes 10% of its questions to evidence-based practice (including evidence interpretation and the critical appraisal skills needed to interpret research data). This course is to help ensure you collect all of those marks. For dates and Registration Here


ST3 Induction: Dates for 2024 TBC