Oxford Specialised Foundation Programme Recruitment 2024

This 2-year integrated Specialised Foundation Programme (SFP) is offered by Oxford Foundation School in conjunction with the Oxford University Clinical Academic Graduate School (OUCAGS).

National recruitment starts in September 2023 for the two-year Specialised Foundation Programmes that begin in August 2024. The recruitment process is managed nationally by the UKFPO and uses the online recruitment system Oriel.

This year there are 30 research-based foundation programmes available in Oxford Foundation School. The posts will be based across several trusts during Foundation Year 1, and at the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust for Foundation Year 2. They are designed to deliver the core competencies of Foundation training, enhanced with an academic curriculum and research opportunities.

SFP Programmes Available in Oxford

Please see spreadsheet of available posts.

The full list of specialised programmes available within Oxford Foundation School are also available via the Oriel website.

We are keen to encourage applications from eligible, talented candidates with evidence of academic potential.

Please be advised all 2024 programmes are subject to change in relation to placement order, specialty, length, banding, site, and Trust due to the changing needs of the hospitals.

Trainees are encouraged to select their own area of interest for their research when participating in this specialised programme.

More information about OUCAGS can be found on The Academic Specialised Foundation Programme at Oxford webpage. Additional advice on can be gained from OUCAGS once you have been accepted onto the Oxford Specialised Foundation Programme.

How to apply

It is important that all applicants to 2024 specialised programmes read the information provided on the UK Foundation Programme Office (UKFPO) website.

Applicants should apply using the new all-in-one FP application form selecting Oxford Foundation School as one of their Specialised Units of Application (SUoA).

Only candidates requiring provisional registration and who have not completed a Foundation year 1 or equivalent programme will be eligible. Candidates must not be eligible for full GMC registration at the start of the programme (August 2024).

Application Process

Oriel Application Form

Whitespace Questions – Applicants do not need to answer any Oriel whitespace questions. Applicants will be sent a separate assessment questionnaire relating to academic achievement and skills after submitting their application. Further details can be found below.

Publications – The work must have a PubMed ID number (PMID) to be considered and should not be a simple letter or comment. Collaborators will not be awarded points, only authors

Presentations – The oral or poster presentation must be given at a national or international conference organised by a recognised medical, professional, or educational body. This must be clearly indicated on the application under the ‘Level delivered displayed’.

Prizes – The prize must be an undergraduate/medical school, national or international educational prize (pertaining to applicant’s medical education) awarded by an organisation that is not student or trainee-led and must be a FIRST PRIZE. Second or third prizes, or honourable mentions, do not qualify for consideration in this section.

Additional Degrees – They are not an essential requirement for shortlisting because the Oxford Foundation School will look at other evidence of excellence in educational achievement.

For all additional educational achievements, evidence should have been awarded or verified by the point of application.

No further guidance will be offered.

UPDATED: Academic Assessment Questionnaire

Please read our Academic Assessment Questionnaire and Guidance document. The questions are included.

After the application window has closed all applicants will be sent an invitation to complete an online version of this questionnaire. The timeline is as follows:

  • Wednesday 4th October 2023 – Applicants will be sent an invitation to complete the online assessment questionnaire.
  • Monday 23rd October 2023, 12 noon – Deadline to complete and submit the online assessment.

Late submission of the questionnaire will result in applications being forfeited.


Applicants will be shortlisted using a 2-stage process which considers educational achievements in the form of publications, presentations, prizes and additional degrees. The academic assessment questionnaire will also be used.

Oxford Foundation School’s Specialised Foundation Programme is a highly competitive and oversubscribed programme. Each year we receive many more applications than available SFP programmes. As part of the shortlisting process, Oxford Foundation School reserves the right to request further clarification from individuals on details of their application. Additional evidence of academic achievement may also be requested from all applicants in the form of questionnaires to further delineate applications.

Shortlisted applicants will receive a notification email via Oriel no later than one week prior to interview. Further instructions, including Microsoft Teams meeting links, will be sent at this time by Oxford Foundation School.

Interview Process

All interviews will be undertaken remotely using Microsoft Teams only.

  • Interview date: Thursday 30th November 2023

The Oxford Foundation School will hold interviews for all 30 Academic Foundation posts on this date and no alternatives will be offered. Each candidate will be interviewed by a panel of clinicians and academics assessing clinical skills and academic skills, which will include a data interpretation question. Candidates must pass all sections of the interview to remain in the SFP process.

Offers Process

Offers are made using interview performance. Application information may be used in tiebreaker situations.

Following all local interviews, the national offer process begins on 10th January 2023.

Successful candidates will receive an email from Oriel with an offer of a specialised foundation programme. 

Applicants have 48 hours to accept or reject any offer(s) made to them. If the applicant does not accept or reject the offer within this period, it will be assumed they have rejected the offer and it will be withdrawn.

A cascade process will be run until 14th February 2023 to appoint to any unfilled SFP vacancies. Applicants should refer to the full timeline in the UKFPO applicant handbook.


Feedback requests should be emailed to england.foundation.tv@nhs.net

For any queries regarding the Oxford Specialised Foundation Programme 2024 Recruitment please contact us at england.foundation.tv@nhs.net.