Foundation Recruitment

2-Year Foundation Programme Recruitment

Recruitment to the Foundation Programme is a national process managed by the UKFPO. Please visit the UKFPO website for more information and to view the timeline and deadlines for this.

For more information about the Foundation programmes and Psychiatry Foundation Fellowships available in the Oxford Foundation School, please see our Foundation Programme Recruitment page

Specialised Foundation Programme Recruitment

Recruitment to our Specialised Foundation Programmes is managed locally, following a process laid out by the UKFPO. For general information about Specialised Foundation Programme recruitment please visit the UKFPO website.

For further information about the Specialised Foundation training in Oxford and our recruitment process, please see our Specialised Foundation Programme recruitment page.

Internal F2 Specialised Foundation Programme Standalone Recruitment

Each year we seek to appoint three suitable candidates to these innovative one year integrated research-based Specialised Foundation Programmes. The posts will be at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust. These rotations are exclusively available to trainees currently undertaking their F1 Foundation training within the Oxford Foundation School. The rotations are aimed at trainees who would like the opportunity to work in an academic environment or who are already committed to an academic career path. These posts will deliver the core competencies of Foundation training and will be enhanced by an academic curriculum.

More information will be published February 2024.

Stand-Alone Foundation Programme Vacancies

Stand-alone recruitment to F2 vacancies is managed nationally by the UKFPO.

Locum Appointments for Service (LAS)

There may be a limited number of stand-alone F1 and F2 level Locum Appointment for Service posts (LAS) available each year. These will be advertised and filled by the employing Trust, so queries should be directed to their Medical HR departments.  Posts will usually be advertised on NHS Jobs. Please note that these posts require full GMC registration and do not count towards training.