Requirements & Guidance

It is your responsibility to ensure you have submitted the following evidence in accordance with the deadline specified in your ARCP notification email:

Form R (Parts A and B– Online Submission

From 1 October 2022 all Form Rs are to be completed via the Trainee Information Self Service Portal. Please read through the email and guidance that you are sent by your Programme Team ahead of your ARCP.

Key points

You will need to set up an account including Multi Factor Authentication (MFA).

You will be able to view your personal information, programme and placement information.

The Form R will pull through the majority of the required information automatically but you can edit any of this within the Form R before submitting.

The Form R is in 2 parts (Part A and B) – both parts must be completed each time.

For use by specialty and GP trainees in Thames Valley training programmes.

If a completed Form R is not available for the panel to review this will result in an outcome 5. Failure to submit the Form R within the additional deadline given will result in an outcome 2, 3 or 4 as appropriate (according to training progression).  See the COPMeD guidance for incomplete Form R’s.

Foundation trainees – please use the Form R available on the Horus E-portfolio.

Covid Self Declaration Form – This is now incorporated as part of the online Form R and is optional. If you wish to complete then you will have the opportunity to do so at the end of the Part B.

An Educational Supervisor’s Report – This should include the posts you have held since the last report was submitted. This may mean that you require more than one report.

Up to date evidence of all activities since your last review – e.g. WPBAs, reflections, audit, logbook, certificates, curriculum sign-off, etc.

Whole Scope of Practice Form (if applicable).  For any medical/clinical work you have undertaken outside of training (excluding additional shifts in current Trust and specialty). This Form is to be completed in addition to listing the work on the Form R. Please name clearly and upload to Personal Library or other relevant section of the ePortfolio.

Reflective practice for any significant events in which you have been involved – if applicable. You should remember that in respect of significant events, complaints or compliments, patient identifiable information must not be included. See the COPMeD guidance for Reflective Practice.

Involvement in significant events does not necessarily mean there are fitness to practise concerns or that a revalidation recommendation cannot be made.  Further information on what should be declared and when can be found on the Revalidation webpages.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all necessary documents are submitted by the deadline set. If the evidence is not submitted by the deadline, it is possible that you will receive an unsatisfactory ARCP outcome, which may delay your progress to the next year of training and lead to deferment of your Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT).

Further information

If you have any queries about ARCP requirements please contact the relevant Education Programme Manager for your speciality.