The Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) process is conducted in accordance with the current version of The Gold Guide.

ARCPs should take place each time a trainee reaches the end of their training grade and also annually. Some trainees may need to have more than one ARCP in a calendar year.

The ARCP is a summative formal process to review submitted evidence (usually on the ePortfolio) to assess progression or completion of training. It also clarifies any need for directed training or an extension to training, and is the process used to assure the Responsible Officer (RO) and employer that the trainee is up to date and fit to practice (as required for Revalidation).

During an ARCP, the panel will review the evidence submitted and an outcome is decided following a discussion amongst the panel. All ARCPs are held in absentia, trainees may be invited to an ARCP feedback meeting, and should attend if requested. If there are specific targets for training or the need for additional training, these expectations will be clearly documented. The trainee should meet with their Educational Supervisor (ES) to ensure these are embedded in the subsequent learning agreement. Guidance and links to all relevant documents can be found on the requirements & guidance page.