Reviews and Appeals


Trainees are entitled to request either a review of their ARCP Outcome 2 / 10.1 or appeal against their Outcome 3 / 10.2 / 4.

Requests must be submitted within 10 working days of the trainee being notified of their outcome. Trainees must use the appropriate form provided below and clearly state their grounds for appeal.

Completed forms should be submitted via email to: and copied to the PG Dean Dr Paul Sadler


Appeals will be conducted in accordance with the information set out in the Gold Guide and the NHSE Education Appeals SOP.

Please note – all appeals will continue to be conducted virtually via MS Teams.

Key Points

If the appeal crosses over a rotation then you will normally rotate as planned, however you remain on the same grade (and pay) until the appeal process is concluded.

If you have been issued with an Outcome 4 you stay in programme during the whole appeal process and will remain employed and expected to attend work/training as normal.   

Appeal timescales are set nationally and monitored.  Stage 1 Appeals need to be completed with 15 working days of you submitting your appeal request.  Stage 2 Appeals need to be completed within 30 working days of the Stage 1 outcome.  Please work with us to meet these timescales.

It is your responsibility to arrange a representative if you wish for a Stage 2 appeal.  Please do this as soon as possible once you know you are proceeding to a Stage 2 to ensure their availability.

Let us know if you need any reasonable adjustments made to the appeal process; we recognise that this will already be a difficult time and want to help make this as stress-free as possible.

Lastly if you are unsure on how the appeal process works please contact us at


How to appeal

Appeal Form