2024 ARCP Requirements Update

Foundation Doctors starting their F1 or F2 rotations from August 2023

For all Foundation Doctors who are on the 2023 curriculum due an ARCP in June 2024

Please also visit the UKFPO’s website for further resources and information on requirements (e.g. guidance on assembling your portfolio and completing summary narratives)

NOTE: Foundation Doctors will be required to obtain at least one satisfactory Placement Supervision Group (PSG) feedback report with a minimum of three PSG members, per level of training.

Local Trust Delivery of ARCPs

We expect ARCPs to take place in from the start of June (month 10), delivered at Trust-level. Trainees should have their portfolios ready for assessment by 9am Tuesday 4th June 2024 at the earliest. Specific assessment days are to be advised by Trusts.

If you have any queries please contact england.foundation.tv@nhs.net or your Trust’s Medical Education Team.