F1 Swap Shop


The Oxford Foundation School is developing a flexible approach to swapping Foundation year 2 (F2) rotations. Under this policy, Foundation Doctors appointed from August 2021 onwards will be able to swap a whole F2 rotation with another Foundation Doctor, subject to certain guidelines.


  • The swap is only available to current Foundation Year 1 doctors based within the Oxford Foundation School.
  • Swaps in F1 – no swaps will be allowed within the F1 programmes.
  • Individual placements cannot be swapped – only an entire F2 rotation.
  • The onus is on the foundation doctor to find a willing swap partner.
  • Oxford Foundation doctors MUST have one community post in their 2-year programme. Any swap must not result in a trainee without a community placement.
  • Only direct swaps between two Oxford Foundation doctors are permitted. Any rotation swaps involving more than two doctors will be automatically rejected.
  • The agreed swap must be educationally balanced, (over the whole 2 years) and approved by the Foundation School.
  • The foundation doctor(s) will have to demonstrate that they are making satisfactory progress in their training and that their e-portfolio is up to date.
  • The request must be supported by the Educational Supervisor and Foundation Training Programme Director, during the F1 year (this may involve two Trusts and two Foundation Training Programme Director if a cross-Trust swap is requested, and both Foundation training Programme Directors must give approval)
  • Only one swap within the 2 year foundation programme will be considered or allowed per trainee – multiple applications will not be accepted

How to apply

Please read, complete and submit the application form and guidance by the deadline to Foundation.TV@hee.nhs.uk.

Applications are now open and will close at midday Monday 14th February. Late applications will not be considered.