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Most trainees will enjoy the challenges presented by their foundation training and progress through their programme without any problems. However, we would always encourage you to alert us to potential problems sooner rather than later. Similarly if you are concerned for a colleague please do not hesitate to seek advice.

Oxford Foundation School Staff

Dr Anne Edwards, Foundation School Director

George Fahey, Education Programme Manager

Luciana Zandonadi, Education Programme Officer

For any general enquiries please contact us by email at, and we will aim to respond to you promptly. 

Oxford Foundation School Trainee Representatives

If you have any other business which you would like to be raised at the regular local and national meetings, then please contact your Trainee Representatives directly via your local trust Foundation Trainee Forum.

Dr Fatma Abdusalam, Milton Keynes University Hospital Foundation NHS Trust

Dr Li Ling Choo, Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust  

Dr Anamay Shetty, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Henrietta Davies, Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Zahra Ahmed, Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust