2-Year Foundation Programme Recruitment 2024

For the 2024-2026 process Oxford Foundation School has 267 Foundation Programmes (FP) posts.

Foundation Programme rotations available in Oxford Foundation School

2024-2026 FP rotations can be viewed on Oriel and downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet:

Oxford Foundation School FP Rotations 2024-2026

The list of available programmes are available to download now and applicants are advised to refer to it. Many applicants find it easier to review the programmes in this format alongside Oriel. 

Oxford Foundation School F1 and F2 rotations are linked together as fixed 2-year programmes. The majority of trainees are expected to spend F1 and F2 at different Trusts.

Example: an applicant allocated to programme 2024/OXF/FP001 will spend their F1 year at Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust and their F2 year at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in a 2-year linked programme. This is fixed and cannot be changed.

Some trainees’ F2 rotations will be confirmed during their F1 year.

Please note that if a placement does not have details of the exact location (e.g. hospital name) this is because we have not been informed yet.

Please be advised all 2024 programmes are subject to change in relation to placement order, specialty, length, banding, site, and Trust due to the changing needs of the hospitals and Foundation Programme recruitment.

Allocation Process

Oxford Foundation School operates a 2-stage preferencing process for Foundation Programme posts.

Stage 1 (Sub-group) Preferencing

  • Preferencing window opens: 7th March 2024
  • Preferencing window closes: to be confirmed
  • Results released: to be confirmed

Sub-groups are set up according to five acute Trusts within the Oxford Foundation School area:

  • Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust
  • Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust (Wexham Park)
  • Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust

Stage 2 (Programme) Preferencing

  • Preferencing window: to be confirmed
  • Results released: to be confirmed

After being allocated to an F1 Trust, applicants will preference all of the available 2-year linked programmes available within their allocated sub-group.

Psychiatry Foundation Fellowships

More information Psychiatry Foundation Fellowships will be made available in due course. Please refer to the UKFPO and Royal College of Psychiatrists webpages for more information.

Linked Applications

It is possible to link your application to that of another person in order to be allocated to the same Foundation School. The link is honoured only as far as the Foundation School and does not include a link to the same Trust or programme. This needs to be specified on the UKFPO application.

Special Circumstances and Pre-allocation

Pre-allocations are only guaranteed to Foundation School level. Pre-allocation to a sub-group (F1 Trust) or a specific programme would be determined following a review of applicants’ circumstances and application information.

Other Useful Information

Statistics for previous intakes for information only. No longer in use.