GMC Survey

GMC Trainee Survey

The GMC National Training survey was initially established during 2005 and since then has been conducted annually usually during March and April. The survey is managed by the GMC and facilitated by education organisers and provides all postgraduate medical trainees with an opportunity to give feedback on their perception of the quality of their training. This UK-wide survey enables education organisers to obtain benchmarked data on potential areas of good practice as well as areas of concern within their locality compared to the rest of the UK, and survey results are a helpful evidence source for quality management purposes both in terms of identifying potential areas of concern and areas of good practice.

GMC Trainer survey

Following a break of 4 years, and a pilot survey in 2015, the GMC has hosted a National Trainer Survey since 2016. The survey provides trainers with an opportunity to improve the quality of postgraduate and foundation training. The survey results enable the GMC, HEE offices and Local Education Providers to obtain benchmarked data across several areas, including how supported trainers feel, areas of good practice, and whether there are concerns about the quality of education and protection of training resources. In addition, the survey results help the GMC understand how well the Recognition & Approval of Trainers Implementation Plan is being delivered.