Good Practice

Previously, twice a year the Thames Valley Trusts submitted a Self-Evaluation Document used to assure that they were meeting educational standards. This included a good practice section which highlighted examples of good practice, innovations, and quotes from learners together with projects which have increased patient care standards, improved safety initiatives, demonstrated quality improvements all contributing to a positive experience for patients and the workforce including our trainees and learners.

The Quality team have collated this good practice into summary documents which can be viewed here: Q1-2 2020-21, Q3-4 2020-21

All of the work illustrated is a testament to the dedication and commitment shown by the Trusts to assure all trainees and learners achieve their learning competencies in a well supervised, safe, supported, and hence a high quality learning environment, continuing to do so despite a time of extraordinary challenge.

In the future, this will be collated through the new Education Contract monitoring processes.