Acute and General Internal Medicine

This is a 3 to 5 year training programme (entry at ST3) leading to CCT in General and / or Acute Internal Medicine. Training takes place in up to five hospitals across the Oxford Deanery. Trainees choose to follow the AIM 2009 curriculum and / or the GIM 2009 curriculum (4 and 3 years respectively) or dual training can be undertaken over 5 years. If dual accrediting, up to 12 months of approved out of programme experience can be counted.

Trainees (LAT) following the GIM 2009 curriculum (with or without AIM 2009) can transfer credit for their GIM experience should they subsequently take up an NTN in another dual-accreditation specialty programme.

Trainees will undertake posts in acute general medicine (AGM) and intensive care medicine at the John Radcliffe Hospital, and typically in two or three other centres (listed below).

The training programme has particularly strong links with intensive care medicine. Previous graduates of the scheme have gone on to work not only in acute medicine but also in intensive care medicine and stroke medicine (with others combining their clinical work with medical journalism, academia and healthcare management).

The Training Programme Director is Harjit Bains: