Genito-Urinary Medicine

This is a four year training programme, with entry at ST3, after successful foundation training and a core training programme (either Core Medical Training or Acute Care Common Stem) and MRCP. GUM involves the diagnosis and management of patients with sexually transmitted infections, along with other problems such as HIV, contraceptive care, genital dermatoses and genital pain syndromes. The majority of work and training is undertaken in outpatient settings, as well as some inpatient care and satellite community settings.

Trainees will be entered onto the 2010 GUM Curriculum, and will be required to fulfil all competencies and work place based assessments to achieve CCT.

This programme allows experience of GUM within a variety of different settings, through a teaching hospital trust, a district general hospital, and community based trust. There are a total of four trainees at any time, rotating through the three trusts. The programme also offers training within fully integrated sexual healthcare (incorporating contraception services/training) across all three sites.

The small number of trainees and variety of outpatient settings and populations is a real selling point of this programme. Teaching is of good quality and trainees are encouraged to provide training to students and other professionals. The outpatient HIV experience is ample to meet curriculum requirements. There is ad-hoc inpatient experience across the 3 sites, which can be consolidated with a short attachment at another HIV inpatient setting. Trainees are supported in achieving all of the post-graduate qualifications required, with good access to study leave and courses. Contraceptive training is extremely comprehensive.