Respiratory and Internal Medicine

I wish you a warm welcome to the Respiratory Training programme in Thames Valley.

We wish to encourage any trainee interested in excellence in respiratory medicine. We pride ourselves on being a close knit, smaller programme giving you individual time within a full regional programme involving our Tertiary centre (Oxford University Hospitals), and our (District General Hospitals).

Best wishes
Dr John Wrightson

Training Programme Director

The Respiratory Medicine Training Programme

The Respiratory Medicine training programme is a 4 year programme, starting at ST4 with highly competitive entry through national selection. During the training time, the trainee’s work will be monitored for satisfactory progress by an allocated Educational supervisor who stays with you throughout your training to guide you; and the trainee’s reports are subject to annual reviews in the form of ARCPs. Progression on the programme will be dependent upon these reviews.

The successful ST4+ will rotate through the hospitals with a minimum time of 12 months in the tertiary hospital and additional 3 months in ICU. All the non tertiary centres offer GIM training. All aspects of the curricula are covered.

The trainees can commute to all the sites from a central location, usually around Oxford, and site accommodation is also available.

Academic fellows and academic lecturers are encouraged in our deanery, and many trainees undertake higher degrees in research. We have a number of less than full time trainees and job shares are usually arranged to accommodate this. We also have triple trainees in ICM, Respiratory Medicine and Internal Medicine.

Our regional teaching programme runs 1 day a month, and trainees are actively involved presenting some of the sessions. It has received excellent feedback in recent GMC surveys, and in local feedback. We have trainee meetings, and trainee representatives sit on the Speciality Training Committee.