Clinical Genetics

Clinical Genetics – Essential Courses for all Trainees

  1. Counselling course if not doing PGCert in Genomic Medicine
  2. Cancer Genetics course
  3. Dysmorphology course (Manchester)
  4. Teaching course
  5. Management course
  6. PGCert/MSc in Genomic Medicine or Fundamentals of Clinical Genomics (Hinxton)
  7. BSGM conference, at least one ESHG conference during training with presentation.

There are a few good stand-alone courses offered on occasion, for example, by the Royal Society of Medicine and these are often excellent for training. An example is the Rasopathy conditions or skeletal dysplasias, which would be very helpful to trainees.

It is difficult to be completely prescriptive to what would be essential training for this reason. Another reason is to allow us to tailor the training towards the end to help the trainee establish themselves in a field of interest, e.g. cancer genetics, so we would consider going to the Cancer Genetic Society meetings as important.

There will be a degree of flexibility about the essential courses in clinical genetics and the ESs can discuss each one individually that is not on the above list.

The Training Programme Director is Lara Hawkes: