The highly-regarded gastroenterology (including subspecialty of hepatology) / GIM training programme is 4 years in duration, starting with competitive entry at ST4 level. During this time, the trainee’s work will be monitored for satisfactory progress and subject to annual reviews in the form of ARCPs. Progression on the programme will be dependent upon these reviews.

There are 13 posts within the NHS England Thames Valley programme in Gastroenterology/General Internal Medicine.

Milton Keynes Hosp: 1 post – Gastroenterology and GIM
Royal Berks Hosp: 4 posts – Gastroenterology and GIM
John Radcliffe, Oxford: 4 posts – Gastroenterology and 1 post Hepatology NTN
Horton Hospital: 1 posts – Gastroenterology and GIM
Bucks Hospitals: 3 posts – Gastroenterology and GIM

The rotation is built up on an individual basis taking into account the trainee’s interests, training requirements and prior experience. These requirements will be balanced by the availability of local posts and the needs of others in the Training Programme. A rotation will usually consist of a year 1 placement outside of Oxford. Subsequently, trainees will move hospital every 12 months. The final year of training will typically take place at Oxford. All of the posts outside of Oxford include high-intensity general medicine on-call. Over a 4 year period, it is expected all trainees will train in endoscopy at every centre and achieve independence. Basic skills endoscopy training is offered at the Thames Valley Endoscopy Training Centre as well as a period of immersion endoscopy training. Trainees will also complete training in nutrition, specialty clinics as well as inpatient specialty care. Many trainees undertake a period of academic study to complete a PhD and this is encouraged.

Please feel free to contact the Training Programme Director directly with any queries:
Dr Rebecca Palmer: