Sport and Exercise Medicine

The Oxford Deanery SEM training scheme is highly regarded. It is 4 years in length, ST3 to ST6. There are 5 posts in NHSETV in SEM. The scheme has evolved over the last 8 years due to feedback from previous and current trainees. The scheme prides itself in being flexible and the rotation is built up on an individual basis taking into account the trainee’s interests, training requirements and prior experience. These requirements will be balanced by the availability of local posts and the needs of others in the Training Programme. The scheme has consistently placed in the top 2 for trainee satisfaction in the GMC survey since its inception.

Entry criteria

Currently entry can be via CMT, ACCS and GP. Please check the Royal College of Physicians website for the most up to date information and curriculum.

Content of the Training Scheme

The general outline comprises:

  • 6 months GP
  • 6 months Emergency Department
  • 12 months Musculoskeletal medicine, Orthopaedics and Rheumatology
  • 6 months Chronic disease and Exercise Medicine
  • 6 months Public Health
  • 12 months elite and team sport


If you have any enquiries about the scheme then please contact the TPD, Dr Ralph Smith: