Careers Support

We invite trainees to access coaching for career development at any stage of their training pathway, as well as at any point when they are facing a career dilemma. They can access careers support via this self-referral form

Educators and trainees are reminded that if the career dilemma exists in the context of other performance concerns, then the educator must refer (with documented trainee consent) via this educator referral form

We also offer careers workshops for FY1 doctors across Thames Valley.

We have developed a number of online resources to assist with making career decisions. These are available online and as downloadable PDF’s. Trainees and educators can use these as part of career/mentoring conversations in educational supervision.

Making a specialty choice

Advice and activities to help trainee doctors decide between specialties, from gaining a better understanding of your personal priorities and preferences to weighing up the different options in front of you.

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Building a portfolio

Most specialties will ask for a portfolio as part of the interview process, here you will find tips and advice to give some direction in starting to build a portfolio of evidence towards your chosen specialty.

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“FY3” year

Many trainees choose to take an extra year after FY2 as a chance to gain experience, develop personal interests, or just to take a break. What might this look like?

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Foundation Careers Workshop

What are they? Virtual workshops to support Thames Valley Foundation Year 1 doctors as they make decisions for their future careers and begin their preparation for Specialty Training application.

Workshop aims: To develop understanding of the backdrop for your specialty training and the organisations involved.
To understand the application process and know where to find out more information.

Wednesday 11th May, 9.00-11.00am
Friday 13th May, 11.30-1.30am
Monday 16th May, 9.00-11.00am
Monday 23rd May, 1.00-3.00pm
Wednesday 25th May, 9.00-11.00am
Monday 6th June, 10.00am-12.00pm
Thursday 9th June, 9.00-11.00am
Monday 13th June, 9.00-11.00am

To attend you will need to register to receive the virtual invitation. To register, please click here.