The Professional Support and Wellbeing Service is the single point of contact within Health Education Thames Valley for all issues regarding careers, exams and performance support for doctors, dentists and pharmacists in training.

The careers service provides local specialty information and career management skills workshops for the Oxford Foundation School. It also provides personal career development guidance for those with a career dilemma, including those with health or disability problems.

The PSWS provides personal coaching/mentoring for doctors or dentists who self-refer or are referred. The PSWS provides guidance and workshops to help educators manage performance issues in trainees, and also collaborates with trainers to provide personal coaching/mentoring for individual trainees that need additional support to improve their performance.

The performance support service is also available to employing Trusts and Responsible Officers in the Thames Valley who can engage one of our coach/mentors to help doctors and dentists not in approved training posts or programmes get back on track following local investigation, Practioner Performance Advice Service or GMC assessment. The PSWS is also available as a source of information and advice to employers and Responsible Officers in the Thames Valley.

The service is available free of charge to doctors, dentists and pharmacists in training in Oxford PGMDE posts or programmes. Doctors, dentists, pharmacists or local medical students not in Oxford PGMDE training posts or programmes at any stage in their career have access to the same PSW services – standard fees apply.

Who we are

The PSWS consists of Dr Haido Vlachos (Associate Dean for Professional Support; and Director of the PSWS), Jenny Gavriel (Associate Director of the PSWS), and a team of PSWS coaches/case managers and mentors, assisted by our support manager.

Dr Haido Vlachos 
Jenny Gavriel

We are a team of 16 PSWS coach/mentors which includes senior Thames Valley medical educators as well as performance and cultural coaches with extensive experience who have been trained to:

  • provide individual support to trainees with career development, exam support and wellbeing
  • advise and support educators and employers, including responsible officers, in addressing performance concerns such as communication, organisation, team working and repeated exam failures
  • facilitate workshops on:
    • career management
    • supporting doctors and dentists with performance improvement needs
    • wellbeing

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We have a fantastic opportunity to join our coaching team with the Professional Support and Wellbeing Service.

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