How to refer

Trainee Self Referral

I am a trainee in a training post within HEETV and want help with career development or a career dilemma, support for exams, help with my wellbeing at work or coaching support on Return to Training

Please complete this referral form. The referral form will be responded to within 5 working days.

Although trainees with career choice concerns are able to self-refer to the PSW service, it is almost always helpful to have also discussed the potential career decision with your educators who may also be able to offer advice and guidance.

Please note that career dilemma self-referrals must not be due to any performance concerns identified by educators. With no educator involved in the referral there will not be any contact with the educational team.

Educator Referral For Trainee

I am an educator leading the support for a trainee in need of support within HEETV

Educators are encouraged to refer trainees for Exam Support after 2 unsuccessful attempts at the same exam. See here for Exam Support. If broader performance concerns that cannot be dealt with at a local level are identified, the lead educator should make the referral with the trainees consent. The lead educator is usually the Training Programme Director, however, it may also be the Educational Supervisor or College Tutor and occasionally the Clinical Supervisor (depending on the concern identified)

Educator involment if their trainees are accessing the PSWS
If trainees refer themselves, there is usually no educator involvement unless
• Coach and trainee agree this as part of ongoing work, with trainee consent
• Educator has trainee consent to request this
If educator has referred (with trainee consent) then
• The case manager/coach will correspond by introductory email or arrange an initial 3 way meeting,
• Followed by an email at midpoint inviting the educator’s comment to further shape coaching conversations, and
• At closure to inform that the work has ended.
All this will be with the trainee’s consent.

Please complete this referral form. The referral form will be responded to within 5 working days..

Qualified Professionals Referral

“I am a qualified healthcare professional working within the HEETV area”

Please complete this referral form. The referral form will be responded to within 5 working days.

These referrals will need to be self funded or funded by the service you work at. Please ensure that you have determined what level of funding will be available and how this will be paid in order to facilitate the allocation of a suitable coach to provide the service required.

What happens next

Each referral will be offered a one hour consultation with one of our case managers to work on a collaborative understanding of the reason for accessing the PSWS. If the referral is for exam support, the trainee wil be offered screening for dyslexia as part of the initial consultation.

Following this, an agreed summary of the meeting will be shared with the trainee (and Educator where relevant), and stored confidentially on the PSWS database according to IG and GDPR guidelines.

The case manager will then agree next steps with the trainee which can include signposting to services within and/or outside of PSWS.

For all referrals: mental health concerns

Many healthcare practitioners will suffer from mental ill health at some point in their career. Coaching requires that the coachee is ready to make decisions and follow through on their plans towards the goals set. This is often not the case for those currently suffering from stress, depression or anxiety and so mental health support should be sought first. Colleagues are encouraged to consult their own GP in the first instance.

Trainees can also access Medic Support, a funded confidential psychology service that offers cognitive behavioural therapy to help with work related stress, anxiety and depression.

Trainees can refer themselves directly and confidentially. For more information on Medic Support services, please click here for the leaflet.

Contact them directly on Tel: 01865 901 000 or Email:

A number of additional mental health support services can be found on our resources page and the trainee curated wellbeing resource hub.

Supported Return to Training

Coaching is often useful for those looking to return to work after a period of ill health, or prolonged time away from training for other reasons e.g. maternity leave, OOPs. Trainees can find information about the SuppoRTT programme here, and, via completion of the pre-return form, can request access to the SuppoRTT coaching sessions.