Survive & Thrive Wellbeing Programme

Shortlisted for the Association for Business Psychology’s Workforce Experience Awards 2020 (for Excellence in Health and Wellbeing)

Our nationally recognised Survive and Thrive Wellbeing Programme is targeted at trainee doctors, dentists and pharmacists in training, complementing exisiting local NHS Employer interventions for a healthy workplace and learner environment. It is unique both in its experiential aspect, and level of expertise employed in its delivery, using small group teaching principles.

Video- Hear Dr Haido Vlachos and Dr Sara Macdouall talk more about why the programme was established

Programme delivery works best face to face although adjustments can be made for online delivery. We can work with a group of 40 maximum face to face, but prefer lower numbers for online delivery. The programme works best if members of the group have some experience of the workplace in common e.g. same big department in a trust/same regional teaching programme.

How to access this

Ask your programme organisers (trainee committee leads/TPDs/Head of School) to include this as part of your academic days.

Email to enquire further

Programme Content:

This is a whole day programme. In the morning, there are sessions on exploration of individual attributes, responses to stress, asking for help, and facilitated discussion around vulnerability as strength. The afternoon session explores how to survive and thrive in challenging work environments using CBT techniques, through practical experiential workshops delivered by psychologists from the Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre.


What do attendees say?

Representative examples of Trainee feedback (80% response rate):

“I just wanted to write and thank you for arranging the survive and thrive day-I found it really interesting and useful and has given me lots to reflect on. I hope you are able to roll it out to other specialties, I would definitely recommend it.”

“Good that these issues are openly being talked about. Will help change culture.”

“I found the whole day useful. I was initially apprehensive about the [CBT] workshop but I actually found these the most useful.”

From a Trainer who attended with trainees – “It was so good to ‘bond ‘as a team yesterday and think about the humane side of our personalities whilst we continue our hectic working lives. Hope the Deanery are able to support future sessions for trainees and educators.”

We look forward to being able to provide this for your training programmes.