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Physical Wellbeing – Move your body move your mind

As part of a drive to support the well-being of our trainees, HEETV PSWS are pleased to offer the opportunity for trainee doctors, dentists and pharmacists to attend fully funded virtual Hatha Yoga and Pilates classes. 

Sessions will run for eight weeks initially from Monday the 11th January 2021 for Hatha Yoga sessions and Thursday the 13th January 2021 for the Pilates sessoins

Please see the flyer here for further details

Contact to register.

Take time to think – Café coaching events

Invite our team of experienced coaches to run a two-hour ‘café-coaching’ event at your conference or training day.  An opportunity to find out more about coaching and experience the impact of a 10-15 minute ‘coaching on the run’ session. Integrate with the theme of your day – popular choices focus on wellbeing and leadership development – or as a stand-alone. We welcome enquiries from educators and doctors, dentists and pharmacists in training.

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Contact  for further enquiries and to book thisLa.

The Language of Leadership: Finding your Own Voice

The Language of Leadership: Finding your Own Voice is personalised programme designed to help you develop your leadership skills and build confidence in you future role, with the focus on personal as well as professional development

Each Module offers you time and space to think within a collaborative learning community in which different ideas, perspectives and experiences can be shared

You will  have opportunities to:

  • Learn more about yourself and gain insights into your relationships with others
  • Network with colleagues from other specialties – for mutual support now, and going forward, as future leaders in the NHS
  • Develop your own personal and authentic leadership style
  • Enhance your interpersonal skills for leadership and management
  • Think about personal life goals and connect with what really matters to you

The Language of Leadership is built around an interactive and coaching-based approach with opportunities for peer coaching within every session, as well as (self-funded) one-to-one coaching on request

Run by Dialogue Links in partnership with HEE Thames Valley and Wessex

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Past events:

Survive & Thrive Wellbeing Days

Paediatrics – 13th January 2021

Obstetrics & Gynecology – 4th December 2020

Geriatric Medicine – 26th February 2020

School of Histopathology – 13th February 2020

Regional Anaethetics – 14th June 2019

Physical Wellbeing – Yoga and Pilate sessions

Ran from 12th October 2020 for 8 weeks

Ran from 14th July 2020 for 8 weeks

Café Coaching

Respiratory Registrar Teaching – 16th December 2020

Foundation Career Workshops

11th September – 23rd October 2020

25th June – 17th July 2020