Trainee Workshops

Our rolling programme of workshops is designed to meet the needs of Thames Valley trainees. We regularly ask trainees to contribute suggestions for workshop topics and work hard to meet new requests on an ongoing basis as well as repeating those workshops that proved popular in the past. The programme is designed on a quarterly basis so look out for the plan for the next quarter in your emails, along with individual advertising for each workshop. 

PSWS workshops are interactive in nature and allow for discussion, group reflections and sharing of experiences, making them a quite different experience to standard workshop delivery. Small group work is facilitated by experienced coaches ensures a safe space for discussion and insights into material provided.

Coming Up:

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Post CCT interviews – Wednesday 23rd August 2023 9.00- 11.00

This interactive workshop will explore the knowledge and skills needed for success at interview for Consultant posts or Post CCT Fellowships. It will consider the wider picture and future direction of the NHS, effective interview preparation and interview technique. To register for this workshop please click here.

 Follow up practice (Post CCT interviews)- Tuesday 29th August 2023 9.00-10.00

A follow up workshop to the Post CCT Interviews workshop offering an opportunity to practice those things learned from the workshop. To register for this workshop please click here.

Assertive communication- Wednesday 30th August 2023 9.00-11.00

Communicating your own ideas in a clear, constructive manner can be challenging, especially in contexts where people are concerned about being viewed as pushy or where assertiveness could be viewed as initiating conflict. This workshop will explore assertive communication in both informal, day to day situation and more formal, presentation situations. To register for this workshop please click here.

 Effective time management- Friday 1st September 2023 9.00-11.00

This workshop aims to encourage you to reflect and analyse the reasons for challenges around time management before considering the possible solutions that would work for each individual.

To register for this workshop please click here.

Effective revision- Thursday 7th September 9.00-11.00

 This workshop is an opportunity to explore different aspects of revision strategy for written exams. Learning about learning in order to allow participants to make informed decisions around building effective and efficient revision plans in the context of their busy lives.

To register for this workshop please click here.

Communication and culture- Thursday 14th September 2023 9.00-11.00

 This workshop will examine the differences in the way we communicate and consider the judgements that we might form of others, and that others might form of us. Through discussion, we will explore what, if any, practical adjustments participants might to make in the way they communicate or think about communication.

To register for this workshop please click here.

The dynamics of teamworkThursday 21st September 2023 9.00-11.00

 This workshop will explore the different roles people assume in team situations, examine the way team culture develops and consider the implications of ‘teaming’, the quick formation and dissolution of teams that happens daily. We will also explore how conflict arises and reflect on how this can be avoided or mediated.

To register for this workshop please click here.

 Coping with change *new* Wednesday 27th September 2023 9.00-11.00

Change is a constant element of working in the NHS and we all have individual responses to changes and preferences for the way it is managed. This workshop will explore these preferences and consider some practical mechanisms to help refocus at an emotional and cognitive level to build resilience to change.

To register for this workshop please click here.

 Difficult conversations – 29th September 2023 9.00-11.00

This workshop explores experiences and different approaches to having difficult conversations in the workplace with an aim to reframe how we approach the word ‘difficult’ in a different way.

To register for this workshop please click here.

The Language of Leadership: Finding your Own Voice is personalised programme designed to help you develop your leadership skills and build confidence in you future role, with the focus on personal as well as professional development

Each Module offers you time and space to think within a collaborative learning community in which different ideas, perspectives and experiences can be shared

You will  have opportunities to:

Learn more about yourself and gain insights into your relationships with others

Network with colleagues from other specialties – for mutual support now, and going forward, as future leaders in the NHS

Develop your own personal and authentic leadership style

Enhance your interpersonal skills for leadership and management

Think about personal life goals and connect with what really matters to you

The Language of Leadership is built around an interactive and coaching-based approach with opportunities for peer coaching within every session, as well as (self-funded) one-to-one coaching on request

Run by Dialogue Links in partnership with HEE Thames Valley and Wessex

For further information click here

Specialty application interview preparation

The PSWS will be running a workshop offering tips and practice for the different types of questions you could face in a specialty application interview. Many specialties have online interviews now as part of their selection process, this workshop is an opportunity to practice in safe environment with other Foundation trainees.

The workshop will run on the following dates, please use the links provided to register:

Applying for Speciality training:

This introductory workshop will cover both the wider context and the details of the application process for specialties. It aims to prepare you for what to expect in your application and where to find information. Please note that the session will not cover specialty specific information.

To Register for this workshop click here

Dates for this workshop are as follows-

Monday 4th September 1.00-3.00

Wednesday 6th September 9.00-11.00

Friday 8th September 1.00-3.00

Monday 11th September 10.00-12.00

Preparing for Specialty interviews

This interview preparation workshop is a very practical session with tips and advice for different types of questions and the opportunity to practice safely in small groups learning from feedback on your own answers and also, perhaps even more so, learning from how other people answer questions.  

To Register for this workshop click here

Dates for this workshop are as follows –

Wednesday 1st November 9.00-1.00

Monday 6th November 9.00-1.00

Thursday 16th November 9.00-1.00

Wednesday 22nd November 9.00-1.00

Thursday 30th November 9.00-1.00