Applying For Study Leave

Please complete the form electronically (found below) and return to the Study Leave Officer at your Trust –

All Study Leave applications for medical trainees in hospital posts must be made on the Study Leave Application Form. Please make sure you complete the form in full, if incomplete it will be returned to you which could mean delays in the approval process.

(1) To avoid delays, please complete the form in full and accurately, avoiding abbreviations.

(2) For International Events, please email both your Trust Study Leave Officer AND NHSE

(3) For F1 trainees you are not eligible for international events. For F2 trainees an international event is only agreed on an exceptional basis.

(4) GPs in training in hospital posts please note: reimbursement of your Study Leave expense claims may take up to two months to appear in your salary.  This is due to the cut off dates in place for both the information to be submitted by the Trust to NHSE TV, and from NHSE TV to St Helen’s and Knowsley (GP lead employer).

(5) GPs in training in hospital posts should follow the above guidance.

(6) GPs in training in a practice post should follow the GP Trainees Study leave process

(7) Dental trainees should follow the Dental School Study Leave Guidance

(8) All postgraduate Doctors should note that retrospective applications will not be approved.

If you have any questions about study leave during this period please email