Key Information

Doctors in training must hold full GMC registration and a permanent licence to practise throughout the duration of their training. They must also retain their licence to practice until the end of their formal training (and end of employment contract).

All doctors with a licence to practise need to meet the requirements of revalidation. 

This includes having a Responsible Officer (RO) and connecting to a Designated Body.

As a trainee in Thames Valley your Responsible Officer is Dr Paul Sadler and your Designated Body is NHSE Education – Thames Valley

When you start your training programme with us you must update your GMC online account and ensure you are connected to NHSE Education Thames Valley.

Please only connect to us a maximum of 7 days before the start date of your training programme.

Do not connect to your employing Trust.

You must stay connected to us for the duration of your training including any parental leave or approved Out Of Programme time.


F1 trainees only hold Provisional Registration and do not have an RO or Designated Body

Military Trainees – your RO is the Defence Dean and your Designated Body is the Defence Deanery

Locum Appointment for Service (LAS) posts – your RO will be your Medical Director at your employing trust

Temporary Licence to Practise Status

In March 2020 the GMC gave temporary emergency registration to, or restored the licence to practise of, over 30,000 doctors to enable them to work as a doctor to support the pandemic.  This included those doctors who had relinquished their Licence to Practise due to taking a formal break between training programmes and were not working clinically in the UK at that time.

Doctors in formal training programmes are required to hold a permanent Licence to Practise (LTP) throughout the duration of their programme.  Therefore if you were issued with a temporary LTP you will need to restore your permanent licence ahead of your start date.

If you are not sure whether this applies to you please check your status on the List of Registered Medical Practitioners online here.  If your LTP was temporarily restored this will be stated on your entry.

If you are a current postgraduate Doctor in training but still have a temporary LTP please email as soon as possible for further guidance.

More details on restoring your LTP can be found here