Supported Return to Training

NHS England recognises that postgraduate Doctors take time out their training programme for a number of reasons, such as parental leave, OOP, carers leave and sickness. Returning to training, regardless of the reason, can be a difficult and stressful time for trainees.

We are committed to supporting postgraduate Doctors to return to training after a period of extended absence (3 months or longer). The Supported Return to Training (SuppoRTT) initiative aims to support trainees with their confidence, skills and knowledge so that they can safely and confidently return to practice within their training programme. Postgraduate Doctors absent for less than three months may also opt in to the programme.

Please explore all options listed to the right of this page, to see what resources are available to you as a returning postgraduate Doctor in training.

Prior to Return to Training

Doctors who have taken a period of absence for 3 months or more will need to complete a return to training plan as follows:

  • We recommend that you discuss your return to training with your Educational Supervisor/Training Programme Director around 12 weeks before your anticipated return date.
  • You can discuss a supervised return, your learning needs and any courses/activities that may help with your return to training.
  • Complete a ‘Return to Training Pre-Return form’ with your Educational Supervisor detailing your plan for returning to training, including any courses you wish to attend, and your anticipated return date. This can be found in the Documents section, listed to the right of this page.
  • Return the forms to your Training Programme Director and to NHSE Thames Valley (via 
  • Once you have returned to your training post you should review your return period and progress with your Educational Supervisor.