Rotation Information

Rotations may at times change in response to clinical need from the Trusts. Expected rotation arrangements for this programme are:

  • Trainees should expect to spend 2½ yrs at the non-surgical centres on the scheme (usually at one or two sites), and the remainder of their 5 yr programme in Oxford. They will be encouraged to consider taking some time out of their training programme for research (OOPR).
  • Trainees should expect to take part in the general medical on-call rota whilst working at the non-surgical centres, and to be part of the cardiology on-call rota when in Oxford. Advanced Specialist Area Modules will take place during the last 2 years, predominantly in Oxford. Rotations will be decided according to the trainee’s educational requirements.
  • All of the non-surgical centres hospitals have well-developed cardiology services run by teams of experienced cardiologists, with full non-invasive investigation, coronary angiography & pacing. Percutaneous coronary intervention is undertaken in the majority of hospitals on the scheme, with advanced cardiac imaging available in a number of centres.
  • Oxford is a major surgical centre providing all aspects of a modern cardiology tertiary service and all of the training opportunities associated with this.

Study Leave: Essential Courses: Cardiology