This includes teaching in each training location by the Consultants present to complement workplace experience and workplace-based assessments. OM training is also formally undertaken externally, commonly by enrolling on the Manchester University distance learning course. It is possible to complete a third year in the latter and thus gain an MSc, enabling the trainee to write a dissertation which is also likely to be suitable for the MFOM.

In addition, OM trainees actively participate in a programme of organised workplace visits to locations not included in training, to gain knowledge of a broad variety of workplaces and industries and receive instruction from other specialists.

Areas of excellence

The trainee group which organises and participates in workplace visits to see industries and workplaces not normally included in training currently includes trainees from a wide area of the UK (including all three training sectors), thus affording a considerable variety of workplace experience and learning as well as contact with many other trainees who can share what they have learned and done.