Teaching & Study Leave


The HETV trainees attend the weekly teaching sessions in London. This provides the opportunity to meet other SEM trainees and this time is protected throughout the rotation. There is also a local meeting every month.

Education Supervisors:

We believe that the continuity of one single ES throughout the 4 year scheme provides significant benefits in terms of mentoring and individual development of the trainee. Each training post will have one or more clinical supervisor(s) but each trainee will have a named ES from day 1 who they will meet 3 monthly.

Study Leave


  • Teaching days
  • Annual level 3 pre-hospital trauma course
  • SEM Leadership and Management
  • National training days
  • Local/Regional training days
  • Annual national Conference attendance
  • Teaching – Clinical supervisor training
  • A Management course


  • Ultrasound course/diploma
  • Exam prep courses
  • Teaching – Education supervisor training
  • Communication skills
  • Exercise Physiology / CPET (Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing)
  • Teaching – Educational supervisor training