The Coaching Team

Dr Angela Hart

I qualified from the Middlesex Hospital Medical School in 1988, having done a BSc in Neuropharmacology / neurophysiology. I then trained for Primary care in the Cambridgeshire area before settling in Buckinghamshire where I was a GP for 27 years. I now teach undergraduate students at Brighton and Sussex Medical School, as well as continuing my role as a GP appraiser in Buckinghamshire ( held since 2005). I have been working for the PSU for a few years now and feel privileged to be part of such a great team of experienced coaches.

My coaching qualifications include ILM level 5 in coaching/mentoring, MBTI practitioner and Neurolinguistic Practioner.

Anneliese Guerin LeTendre

I am a leadership coach with specialist skills in interpersonal and intercultural communication. After a 20-year career teaching Modern Languages, 10 years as Head of Faculty and member of the senior management team, I spent four years in Paris in a leading language training consultancy, again in a management role, working mainly with business clients. On our return to the UK in 2003, I joined a London-based consulting firm, working in the public and private sectors. Around this time I began coaching business clients – and increasingly coaching became the main focus of my work.

I have been working in the NHS since 2008, coaching healthcare professionals across a wide range of specialties and roles, working one-to-one and with teams. I also develop and deliver programmes on leadership, interpersonal communication, resilience, diversity and culture change, as well as Induction programmes for International Medical Graduates coming to work in the UK. My new 9-Module accredited programme for junior doctors ‘The Language of Leadership: Finding our own Voice’ was launched in January 2019.

I have a particular commitment to my work in the NHS and was therefore delighted to join the PSU in 2010. The focus of my work is accompanying my clients so that they can work to their strengths, enhance their interpersonal skills, connect with their own personal authority, and communicate with confidence and authenticity.

I am a member of the Association for Coaching, founder member of a Leadership Action Learning set, and a member of the Guildford Coaches’ Association. I also enjoy taking part in ‘flash-mob coaching’ events, taking free coaching to the streets.

My experiences of living in France and Canada have given me personal and professional insight into the challenges and joys of living and working in other cultures. Pursuing this specialist interest, I co-authored a self-help guide for international medical graduates working in the UK (‘So You Qualified Abroad: The Handbook for Overseas Graduates in GP Training’, Pub. Radcliffe 2014). I am currently working on another book on communication skills for leaders.

Mrs Asha Adwani

Mrs Adwani is an Associate Specialist in Breast surgery at Oxford University Hospital’s since 2005.  I am a Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer in Surgery at the Nuffield Department of Surgery of Oxford University, with a keen interest in Medical Education and have a PG Diploma in Higher Education and Learning from Oxford University. A Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and have introduced technology enhanced lectures and teaching for Medical Students at Oxford. I have been a UEMS Fellow in Breast surgery since 2016 and completed my FRCS in 1995, having started my NHS career in 1994

My experience is as an Examiner for Final examination in Medicine, an Educational supervisor for FY doctors and an experienced Appraiser for OUHFT.

My coaching qualifications are as an Executive Coach, with a dual qualification through Human technics, at masters level and Level 7 certificate from Institute of Leadership and Management. I use coaching in all my roles to support trainees and doctors to reach their potential.

I was the SAS tutor at Oxford University hospitals NHS Foundation trust between 2014 and 2018.  In 2018 I was appointed as Programme director for SAS doctors at HEE Thames Valley and currently the Development Director for SAS doctors and support 480 SAS doctors in 7 NHS trusts

I qualified in Medicine from India and then undertook surgical training in Mumbai.  Awarded the MS (Master of Surgery) in General Surgery from Mumbai University and thereafter Surgical Oncology training in Bangalore, and awarded MCh (Master of Chirurgie). I was a Lecturer in Head and Neck surgery for 2 years.

Dr Chris Morris

Having qualified from St George’s in 1987 I spent eight years in the British Army. After a year in psychiatry I worked part-time as a GP and part-time outside medicine for three years until 1999 when I became a full-time partner in a large general practice in Slough.

I have been a GP Trainer since 2004, served as a PEC Chair, and in 2009 was fortunate enough to become a CDU Coach, join the Oxford Deanery team of tutors on the New Trainers’ Course and be appointed as the Associate GP Dean for East Berkshire.

Dr Chris Smith

I graduated in 1984 (Bristol University) and embarked on a career in Primary Care: joining a long-established training Practice in the region in 1990.

As I progressed in this I became increasingly aware of a love for Medical Education coupled with a deeply held personal commitment to the ‘empowerment’ of others; both for my patients and my colleagues. Alongside my Clinical work, I have been able to express these values through GP Education, Appraisal and the PSU. I was an early enthusiast for Appraisal, in the vanguard of GP Appraisers. Amongst my roles in HETV I have been a GP trainer, Course Director for the ‘Oxford Deanery’s Advanced Consultation Skills Course’ and in later times have held the posts of Associate GP Dean for Buckinghamshire as well as Assistant Director and acting Co-Director of the PSU.

I have been with the PSU since its inception in 2005. Since 2010 this has been my primary working focus. In addition to this Medical background I hold a diploma in Transactional Analysis (2018).

Dr Denise Tritton

I have been working in the Oxford region for the last 22 years. After qualifying in London in 1993, I started my paediatric registrar training on the Oxford scheme in 1997. I worked in the department of Paediatric Haematology and Oncology at the John Radcliffe from 1999 to 2017, latterly as an Associate Specialist. As part of my role I was an Educational Supervisor to Foundation years 1 and 2 and very much enjoyed this part of my job. I was the SAS Doctor Tutor for 5 years from 2009 to 2014 and helped raise the profile of this group of doctors whilst supporting many of them through career progression and dilemmas.

As I have got older, I have identified these supporting roles as the areas of my career that I really enjoy. I have completed a Post Graduate award in Executive Coaching and I am now working towards my ILM level 7 qualification. In 2017, I finished in my clinical role and now spend my time coaching. I am passionate about coaching and helping people get the best out of their careers and lives. I have certainly had a slightly unconventional career path myself and hope to be able to use my experience to help others with the challenges of the modern medical career.

Fenella Trevillion

I am a leadership and career coach facilitator with 20 years’ experience. I have worked in leadership positions in large complex organisations, including Clinical Commissioning Groups, Health Care Trusts and in Local Authorities. I facilitate teams, supervise and coach people in the public, private and third sectors.

I will work alongside you and establish the ingredients of who you are and where you are in your journey. I follow this by accompanying you and co-creating the roadmap to your destination, enabling you to arrive there. The focus might be about work and home or about big ideas and creativity. Central to it, is developing in you a high level of self-awareness to augment your emotional and social astuteness and your leadership abilities; these increase your communication skills and flexibility particularly at times of transition and change.

My work is influenced by Gestalt, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), somatic coaching and mindfulness; an added asset is being a Myers Briggs practitioner. I work by creating a trusting environment to allow greater self-understanding and choice making about new directions in work and life.

My knowledge base has been informed by an MSc in Public Services Management and more recently an MSc in Coaching and Behavioural Change giving me a strong theoretical basis for my team, individual coaching and supervision which is where my passion lies.

I currently work on career choices and leadership with clinicians, executives, care staff and managers at all levels in organisations. I am well practiced in areas such as board alignment, strategy development and performance improvement, all underpinned by my extensive knowledge and experience of organisations in the care and other sectors. I am Chair of Cruse Bereavement Care, Oxfordshire.

Dr Jane Wells

I am a consultant in Public Health medicine and after a career for many years in the NHS, have been working independently since 2013. I have long had an interest in training and development and was a Public Health trainer and training co-ordinator. I completed the postgraduate certificate in Coaching and Mentoring at Oxford Brookes and was delighted to join PSU in early 2015. I really enjoy coaching and the opportunity it gives me to try and help people find their way through the challenges and choices which anyone in a medical career may face.

In my previous life in the NHS I was a Director or Consultant in Public Health for many years, and before going into Public Health I trained as a GP and have also worked overseas and in academic settings. I now enjoy the variety and challenge of freelance work, the need to keep learning and adapting, and the experience of working with many different people and organisations within and outside the NHS.

Jenny Gavriel

I am the Associate Director for PSWS and a Certified Principal Business Psychologist working in medical education. I have been working with PSWS since 2015 as a Coach and, more recently, as a Case Manager. I have a Master’s in Psychology and a Master’s in Education which give me a good foundation to build from when supporting trainees in a range of healthcare professions. I have also recently completed a Certificate in Supporting Adults with Dyslexia and Co-occurring Difficulties.   

In addition to my PSWS roles, I have been a Training Programme Director for GP training since 2012. I also run a number of educational courses to support trainees and educators across HEETV. This further supports my role in the PSWS giving me a broader understanding of the medical training environment.

Dr Karen Edwards

I’m a coach and a clinician and work part time as an ED consultant with a special interest in Paediatrics.

I trained at the Royal Free and have an intercalated degree in Psychology from UCL.

After house jobs, I worked in Namibia as an expedition medic and then as a project manager helping a team of ophthalmologists (with SEE international) with logistics performing cataract operations on the local Nama tribe in Southern Namibia.

I returned to the NHS to do a medical rotation and completed my MRCP. Whilst doing this, I was attracted to Emergency medicine so joined the Wessex EM training programme.

Then, I took time out of programme to gain extra Paediatric Emergency medicine experience in a large Paediatric teaching hospital in Sydney. Initially doing PICU, PEM and finally retrieval medicine in helicopters, by road and via fixed wing.

My job involved retrieving sick kids and neonates. I then returned to the UK to complete my EM training in the Oxford region to be near my husband’s work.

Medicine I have discovered is a rewarding career and has provided many opportunities. However, sometimes we all need a bit of help. A PSU Coach coached me in 2010, when I was returning from maternity leave. The coaching process helped me open new doors and understand how to make life a little easier at a time of great transition (sleep deprived maternity leave back into emergency medicine)

I enjoyed being coached so much, I trained in coaching to ILM level 7 with The Performance Coach in 2011 and have enjoyed coaching ever since. It’s a privilege to work at the PSWS with such a fantastic team of coaches.

Melinda Lawler

I joined the PSU in 2010. In a previous life, I had a career in media – involving radio presenting and teaching vocal performance.  Having qualified as an Executive Coach, I now work with doctors of all grades on every aspect of their careers; offering coaching on how to survive and thrive the sometimes turbulent waters of medicine.  I have a special interest in exam technique, advanced communication skills and developing assertiveness. However, I’m equally involved with doctors who feel burn out, frustrated or confused about which career pathway to take. I work holistically with a client-centred style of coaching. I use a psycho-dynamic approach and believe strongly that my clients have everything they need to move forward in their lives.

Dr Penny Moore

I qualified in Australia in 1987 and have been a GP partner in Oxfordshire since 1993; currently I am senior partner at Summertown Health Centre. I have been involved with teaching and training for several years: as a GP trainer since 2000, a GP VTS Programme Director for 6 years, a lecturer on the NB Medical Hot Topics course for 3 years, and as the co-author of a book on the nMRCGP.

I have extensive experience in teaching consultation and communication skills, and currently lead the annual Oxford Deanery Experienced Trainers course. I have a Certificate in Coaching with CBT from the Centre for Coaching in London, am trained in MBTI facilitation, and am an NLP trainer.

I have been coaching with the PSU since 2009 and feel very privileged to work with both my clients and my great team of fellow coaches.

I greatly enjoy helping others discover and enhance their own potential, using creative and flexible approaches to achieve this.

Dr Richard Stevens

I studied medicine after my first degree in Psychology and Physiology and working in the Oxford Department of Experimental Psychology. 

I was a GP in East Oxford for thirty years and was a tutor, trainer and appraiser. I was involved in the training, supervision and development of undergraduates and postgraduates for many years. I set up a Balint group for qualified doctors some years ago and still attend regularly. 

I started coaching with the PSW in 2010 and am qualified in Time to Think coaching. I was the Associate Director of the unit until September 2021.  

In addition to coaching, I am co-convener of the Changing Face of Medicine thinktank and a trustee of the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund. I write the Vital Signs guides for the charity. 

I believe in supporting people to make their own choices to lead the life they choose and helping them to find their solutions to their particular issues. 

Dr Sarah Morando

My professional roots are in general practice however I now have a portfolio career with clinical GP work, coaching, mentoring, GP appraising, RO appraising and a medico-political role all playing a part in how I spend my working week. It was my own experience of being coached that first drew me to coaching. 

I have been a GP in West Berkshire since finishing the Reading Vocational Training Scheme in 1997. I spent my earlier years as a GP juggling a career with caring for a young family. With the advent of GP appraisals, I had the great fortune to have an appraiser who was also a coach. At the time I was under professional strain and I felt the positive power of coaching first hand. I ended up so enthusiastic about both appraising and coaching that I trained also in both disciplines and went on to lead GP appraisals in Thames Valley till 2021.  

I attained my ILM level 7 in leadership coaching in 2013 and started coaching for the Professional Support and Wellbeing Service not long after.   I have steadily expanded my coaching practice through the years and have recently joined the PSWS leadership team as Triage Case Manager.  

Dr Shareen Hallas

I have been a GP for over 20 years and have had a diverse and interesting career so far.

After my GP training I became a GP Partner in Canterbury. I moved to the USA with my young family in 1999 for 5 years. During this time, I worked in a part time teaching post at Sacred Heart University in Connecticut.

On my return to the UK, I worked as a GP in Slough and became a GP trainer.

I became a Programme Director for Windsor VTS in 2013, followed by Associate Dean for Windsor and Milton Keynes GP training schemes in early 2020.

I now enjoy a portfolio career including Salaried GP in Windsor, GP trainer, Associate Dean for Windsor and Milton Keynes, Programme Director for Induction and Refresher and International GP scheme, GP mentor, and a GP appraiser.

I have an ILM level 5 certificate in coaching and mentoring.