Professional Development Coaching

All trainees returning after a break of three months or longer can access up to three sessions of professional development coaching to support their return.  These sessions can be arranged during the period of three months prior to return and up to six months after.  If you would like to book a coaching session, you must first complete your Return to Training Pre-Return form with your Educational Supervisor. After this meeting, submit the form to and request coaching, and you will be sent the link to the online application.

What is coaching?

Coaching works with explicit and mutually agreed objectives. Success is defined by changes in behaviours, as well as insights and understanding.

Coaching is led by the coachee who is considered to be the expert in themselves. Coaching is useful when there are personal preferences, priorities, values and ambitions to be discussed. For trainees returning to training, this is often around how they are going to reintegrate back into training, balancing work and life, re-establishing goals and behavioural patterns. Sometimes, it is about career ambitions. The goal of coaching would be determined by your priority at the time and your coach will offer space and guidance to discuss the issues arising and help you to establish your next steps.