Rotation Information

This rotation is devoted to training in Diabetes Mellitus and Endocrinology with General (Internal) Medicine. It has been devised to produce first-class training in these disciplines with wide exposure to the full range of clinical conditions. There are excellent opportunities for research in internationally recognised units in diabetes and endocrinology and many registrars have taken the option of an additional year(s) to complete an MD or PhD.

The overall training programme includes:

  • Semi-structured training in endocrinology and basic diabetes, directed to knowledge, clinical skills and clinical management.
  • Opportunistic training is given in additional aspects of endocrinology and diabetes. These include lipid disorders, paediatric endocrinology and diabetes, reproductive endocrinology, bone endocrinology and ophthalmic and obstetric aspects of diabetes. Also the management of Diabetes in relation to sports.
  • A personal development programme with designated educational supervisors and mentors.
  • Opportunistic training is offered in general management and NHS affairs, including clinical audit.
  • Oxford rotation provides excellent opportunities for research and candidates with an aspiration for academic medicine are welcome.

Rotations are subject to change based on educational need and availability of training slots. Research
is encouraged, particularly in the context of time out of the rotation for formal research.