Careers Wellbeing

Positive Working Environment

Having a good working environment can have a positive impact on overall wellbeing. There are things you can do to try and promote a positive environment for you and those around you. Why not try some of the suggestions below. 

Excellence Reports

What are excellence reports?

Similar to an incident form, but rather than focusing on something that went wrong, they focus on something that was excellent. Although it is important to learn from incidents, promoting and learning from excellence can positively reinforce these actions to improve healthcare overall. 

How will this help me?

Both giving and receiving excellence reports can improve your wellbeing. 

Why not take a few minutes to report excellence in your trust. 

Improving teamwork – Civility Saves Lives

Civility saves lives is a collective voice for the importance of respect, professional courtesy and valuing each other. We aim to raise awareness of the negative impact that rudeness (incivility) can have in healthcare, so that we can understand the impact of our behaviours.

Almost all excellence in healthcare is dependent on teams, and teams work best when all members feel safe and have a voice.
Civility between team members creates that sense of safety and is a key ingredient of great teams.
Incivility robs teams of their potential.

Civil work environments matter because they reduce errors, reduce stress and foster excellence.

We are all stressed right now. It can be tempting to jump to conclusions about the motivation of others when they may have behaved poorly. However all staff keeping society/healthcare going have made a deliberate decision to help-they are,by definition,good people.

Being Involved

Evidence suggests that having more involvement with the team and decision making at work can have a positive impact on your wellbeing

Possible ideas:

– Volunteer to be a trainee rep

– Start an ideas box to allow everyone to contribute to improvements in the department

Schwartz Rounds

What are Schwartz rounds?

Schwartz rounds are open-access multidisciplinary groups that were originally designed to strengthen the caregiver–patient relationship. Schwartz rounds provide a safe space for staff to share the emotional and ethical aspects of their work with peers. 

Benefits to me?

– Help staff feel more supported in their jobs

– Have a positive impact on wellbeing

– Reduce stress 

-Increased insight and understand of other members of the team

-Reduce hierarchy 

How can I join?

Schwartz rounds are current running at RBH, BHT and Oxford Heath