Form R

From 1 October 2022 all Form Rs are to be completed via the Trainee Information Self Service Portal. Please read through the email and guidance that you are sent by your Programme Team ahead of your ARCP.

Key points

You will need to set up an account including Multi Factor Authentication (MFA).

You will be able to view your personal information, programme and placement information

The Form R will pull through the majority of the required information automatically but you can edit any of this within the Form R before submitting.

The Form R is in 2 parts (Part A and B) – both parts must be completed each time.

For use by specialty and GP trainees in Thames Valley training programmes.

Foundation trainees – please use the Form R available on the Horus E-portfolio.

Covid Self Declaration Form

This is now incorporated as part of the online Form R and is optional. If you wish to complete then you will have the opportunity to do so at the end of the Part B.