Trainee Improvement Fellowships

Current NHSETV Trainee Improvement Fellows

Dr Anneliese Brady

I’m a paediatric registrar working in the Thames Valley deanery, I have a special interest in education and trainee wellbeing.

My project involves designing and implementing a teaching programme for GP and paediatric trainees focusing on management of chronic paediatric presentations. I would like to determine particular gaps in knowledge both trainee groups feel they are unable to access in training, alongside aligning to the primary care and secondary care curriculums, and thereby create simulated patient scenarios to discuss and teach management in both settings.

Dr Mina Fares

Mina is a dedicated cardiology trainee currently based in Thames Valleys Deanery, with a passion for intervention cardiology. Having completed a 2-year cardiology fellowship at Cambridge University Hospitals and a subsequent year as a cardiology trust grade registrar at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, Mina brings a wealth of experience to the field.

Originally from Egypt, Mina undertook both undergraduate and postgraduate core medical training in his home country before starting his cardiology career in the UK. He became a member of the Royal College of Physicians in 2018.

In addition to his clinical pursuits, Mina serves as an instructor of cardiovascular physiology for first-year medical students at St Catherine’s College in Oxford. Furthermore, Mina provides regular virtual and bedside teaching for PACES exam candidates in Oxford, earning recognition as the Trainer of the Month on multiple occasions over the last two years.

Project Summary: Enhancing IMT Curriculum with POCUS Training and Accreditation

Mina Fares, as the Training Improvement Fellow, is leading a transformative initiative to integrate Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) into the Internal Medicine Training (IMT) curriculum. The project includes a comprehensive teaching course covering POCUS theory and core concepts, coupled with hands-on simulation training using advanced mannequins. To ensure success, a mentorship program will be established, providing ongoing support for trainees. The project also prioritizes accreditation, introducing a structured supervision system guiding trainees through the completion of essential logbooks for POCUS accreditation. The project is aiming to prepare the trainees for a future where POCUS is an integral aspect of their clinical practice.

Dr Anna Pottinger

I am a current ST4 trainee in Geriatric Medicine. The aim of my TIF will be to improve PACES teaching across the deanery. This will be using the online platform to have easily accessible resources, as well as trying to promote collaboration between the trusts with paces teaching and mock exams delivered.

Dr Yee Suh Teh

YeeSuh is a genitourinary medicine and HIV trainee based in Thames Valley Deanery, with an interest in medical education. As a Trainee Improvement Fellow, her project focuses on deploying Postgraduate Virtual Learning Environment (PGVLE) in medical specialities across the Thames Valley deanery. PGVLE is a trainee-led digital learning management platform that can be tailored to the needs of the specialities.